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High speed fibre optic broadband | The UK's fastest widely available broadband as proven by Ofcom - Virgin Media

Virgin Broadband rated the UK's No 1

It's official. According to Ofcom's 2013 report we've got the fastest average broadband download speeds widely available to customers#. It's all down to our network of fibre optic cables, the fastest and most reliable way for us to bring broadband into your home.

And that's not all — we're an award winning broadband provider too.

In the 2014 uSwitch Broadband Awards we won not one, not two... but three awards. We’re proud as punch to have won Fastest Broadband, Best Broadband Provider and Best Customer Rated Broadband.

Plus, get your hands on the our fastest wireless hub

For superfast, secure broadband and WiFi with amazing range, look no further than our amazing new Super Hub. It’s leaving the competition in its tracks – because it’s faster than similar models from TalkTalk, Sky and BT ¬. It’s yours at no extra cost with any up to 100Mb or up to 152Mb broadband package.

uSwitch awards - Best broadband provider 2013

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Big Bundles

Up to £100 reward on selected Big Bundles

Broadband, TV, phone and mobile SIM in a Big Bundle

Digital TV with TiVo, superfast fibre optic broadband, included calls and mobile SIM – all together for the first time

Big Connection

Save £66 in 12 months

Get two amazing services:
  • Superfast broadband from up to 50Mb
  • Great choice of talk plans
  • FREE set-up worth £49.95

£12 a month

for 12 months
then just £17.50 a month
+ Virgin Phone line for £16.99 a month


Just want broadband on its own?
  • Superfast broadband from up to 50Mb
  • No need for a phone line

From £28.50 a month

12 month contract

How fast do you want to go?

The faster your broadband speed, the more you'll be able to do online. So if there are a few of you at home gaming, downloading, streaming movies and shopping, then mega speeds of up to 152Mb will let you all do your thing at the same time.

If you're going to do a bit less than that, but still want consistently fast broadband even at peak times, then you'll be fine with our up to 50Mb or up to 100Mb.

More about our speeds

Looking to sign up to broadband, TV and home phone in one package? Our Collections now include 50Mb broadband as standard.

You get all this with your package too

Broadband on the move

Browse the web when you’re away from home with Mobile Broadband - just plug your dongle in and you’ll be online. Our 3G network covers more than 85% of the population.

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