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How fast? Extremely fast.

Unlike other broadband providers, we've got nothing to hide when it comes to the speeds you actually get with Virgin Broadband.

Below you can see the typical speeds that you actually get with all our broadband packages. We update them every month, so you can be sure that they're as close as possible to what you can expect to get when you sign up to Virgin Broadband.

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Our typical broadband download speeds for March 2014

Broadband speed

Average speed at peak times

Average speed
over 24hrs

Up to 50Mb



Up to 100Mb



Up to 152Mb



Source: Virgin Media Broadband Performance Panel powered by SamKnows, the broadband performance monitoring specialists. Typical speeds are recorded with a standard ethernet cable. 

Where do the speed stats come from?
The data comes from a broadband measurement panel made up of real Virgin Media customers spread out across our network. Powered by SamKnows, the broadband performance monitoring specialists, we run millions of tests a month to understand how our broadband is performing.
Why do you say 'up to' about speeds?
We use the phrase 'up to' because download speeds are affected by things beyond our control. For example, the website you're on, the number of people online, or your computer's specifications. With Virgin Media, you'll get much closer to the broadband speed you pay for.

Ways to buy


Save up to £626 over 12 months


All Collections include superfast broadband, TV with TiVo® and HD channels, phone and free installation worth £49.95.

Broadband + phone

Save £48 in the first 6 months

Get two amazing services:
  • Superfast broadband from up to 50Mb
  • Great choice of talk plans
  • FREE installation worth £49.95

£7.50a month
for 6 months
then just £15.50 a month
+ Virgin Phone line for £15.99 a month


£5 off for 3 months

Just want broadband?
No problem with:
  • Superfast broadband from up to 50Mb
  • No need for a phone line

From £20 a month
£5 off for 3 months
Then £25 a month

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