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Welcome to wonderful wireless broadband

With a wireless network in your home, no-one needs to plug in with wires. That means everyone can connect to the internet at the same time using one fast, secure broadband connection – in different rooms and on all sorts of devices (like laptops, smartphones or games consoles).

The best bit? All you need is our amazing new Virgin Media Super Hub.

New Super Hub

  • Our first wireless router to use the 5GHz frequency at the same time as the 2.4GHz frequency. So you get blistering broadband speeds on all your mobile devices
  • More speed for more wireless devices
  • An extra wireless antenna gives you even better coverage – so you can use all your devices around your home
  • Comes included with our up to 50Mb, up to 100Mb and up to 152Mb broadband packages
  • Recommended by PC Pro for its ‘solid performance’ and ‘simultaneous dual-band WiFi’

How fast is wireless broadband?

Don't worry - going wireless won't cramp your style. You can still do everything that you'd expect to do with a wired connection, only now you're not tied to your desk:

  • Go online anywhere in the house
  • Print stuff from anywhere in the house
  • Get fast broadband on your mobile instead of using 3G
  • Send photos from your mobile to your laptop 
  • Play music from your computer around the house
  • Download a film onto your laptop to watch on your TV

Servicing and repairs included*

All our wireless routers and adapters come with a two year warranty, so if yours is faulty we'll get you a free replacement. And after the two year warranty is up, you still get servicing and repairs for no extra cost for as long as you have Virgin Broadband.

Need for speed?

Our new Super Hub can handle speeds of over 152Mb so you can get our fastest ever WiFi. But it's worth knowing that wireless broadband can't give you quite the same speeds as a wired connection, so if you’re doing something where every second counts, it's always best to plug in.

Ways to buy

Big Bundles

Broadband, TV, phone and mobile SIM in a Big Bundle

Digital TV with TiVo, superfast fibre optic broadband, included calls and mobile SIM – all together for the first time

Big Connection

FREE set-up worth £49.95

Get two amazing services:
  • Superfast broadband from up to 50Mb
  • Great choice of talk plans
  • FREE set-up worth £49.95

£12 a month

for 12 months
then just £17.50 a month
+ Virgin Phone line for £16.99 a month


Just want broadband on its own?
  • Superfast broadband from up to 50Mb
  • No need for a phone line

From £28.50 a month

12 month contract

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