TiVo boxes from Virgin TV are the best way to watch TV ever.

TiVo® service: the best way to watch TV ever?

Effortlessly find your favourite programmes, discover brand new ones and set them to remote record online from anywhere in the world with our Virgin Media TiVo service. Our amazing 1TB TiVo box records around 500 hours of standard TV or around 100 hours of HD TV. The 500GB box is pretty special too, recording around 250 hours of standard TV or around 50 hours of HD TV. We think it's by far and away the best way to watch TV. Ever.

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Record any three programmes, watch a fourth

Uh-oh. Dad wants to watch the football, Mum wants to watch Britain's Got Talent and the kids want to watch cartoons – but they're all on at the same time. No problem. Our TiVo service lets you record any two programmes while you watch a third. Or, record any three programmes while you watch another you recorded earlier. TV bliss.

TiVo suggests

When you use the thumbs up and thumbs down buttons on your remote, your Tivo box learns what you like and what you don't. This clever little box then suggests stuff it thinks you'll love.

WishList: like series link, but better

Don't worry about missing your favourite show again. TiVo Wishlist lets you save a favourite search with keywords ­– like a show, genre or actor. And once you've recorded a show, your TiVo box records every episode of that show until you tell it not to. It even saves suggestions by recording similar programmes to a special folder, ready to watch.

Search and record from your mobile

Even if you're miles from home, you can set your TiVo box to record from your mobile. Search the TV schedules and access recording options through your smartphone – you can even choose which of your TiVo boxes you want to record on.

Easily find what you're looking for

It's brilliant having hundreds of channels to choose from, but scrolling through them all to find what you want to watch can take ages. With our TiVo service, you won't need to. Search by title, actor or director then once you've found what you're looking for you can add similar programmes straight to your WishList, so you’ll never miss them in future.

Control what the kids watch

Keep control of what your kids see on TV with parental control settings. Lock channels with your PIN, set age restrictions, block access to interactive services (like games, voting or gambling) and hide adult channels from the listings altogether.

Find out how to set parental controls.

The best of the web through your TV

BBC iPlayer

Catch up with the best shows from the last seven days.


Stay up to date with the latest viral videos through your TV.


See photos and more on your TV screen.

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We think it's the best way to watch TV ever. What do you think? Discover more about TiVo and then make up your mind.

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Or, if you're as convinced as we are, see how much it is to get a TiVo box.

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Get the Virgin Media: TiVo service from just £49.95

It's quick and simple to get a 1TB or 500GB TiVo box. If you've already got Virgin TV, sign in to your account in My Virgin Media, view your upgrades and offers and add your chosen TiVo box. If you haven't got Virgin TV, choose a TV package then add your TiVo box as an extra.

1TB TiVo box


More TV




Activation fee






Activation fee - 500GB TiVo box






Monthly TiVo fee

per box or included
in any Big Bundle

per box or included
in any Big Bundle

per box or included
in any Big Bundle

per box or included
in any Big Bundle

per box or included
in any Big Bundle

Technical stuff

Our TiVo boxes are packed full of the latest technology. Here's a quick look at the technical stuff we've squeezed into our 500GB and 1TB TiVo boxes.

Width 24cm x Length 37cm x Height 8cm


Three tuners

Lets you record three channels at once.

3D Ready

Use your TiVo box with a 3D Ready TV to watch movies and events in exhilarating 3D.

HD Ready

All you need is an HD Ready TV to enjoy super sharp high definition shows and films.

1TB or 500GB hard drive

Store 500 or 250 hours of TV.

TiVo outputs and inputs

SCART socket

For connecting a standard definition TV to your TiVo box.

HDMI socket

For connecting an HD ready TV to your TiVo box.

Optical audio output

For delivering Dolby Digital sound to your TV.


That's red, green, blue! For delivering fantastic colour to your TV.


Stands for composite video, the format for analogue TV's picture signal.

Ways to buy

TV + phone

Get two amazing services:
  • From 70+ channels
  • Amazing TiVo
  • Great choice of talk plans

from just£11.50 a month
+ Virgin Phone line for £17.99 a month


Just want TV?
No problem with:
  • From 70+ channels
  • Amazing TiVo
  • From 700 hours of Catch Up TV

from just £18 a month

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