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Welcome to Virgin TV, no dish required

With up to 260+ channels, including 63 in HD, there's plenty to see on Virgin TV. From much loved Sky channels to 3D movies and live pay per view events, Virgin TV is bursting with the latest and greatest TV, as well as our exclusive TiVo® system, which we think is the best way to watch it. And you don't need a dish because it all comes through our fibre optic cables.

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What you get with Virgin TV

Super Sky channels

Get your much loved Sky channels, plus lots more. Whether you’re a Sky Movies addict or a Sky Sports fanatic, you can enjoy it all with us.

TV on your schedule

Decide what you want to watch and when with TV On Demand – there’s loads of Box Sets of new and classic series' including greats from the BBC, Sky and 4oD. Catch up with our pick of the last seven days' TV, including soaps, dramas, comedy and more. You can even add Netflix for access to over 1000 great movies, TV shows and more!

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Tons of TV channels

With up to 260+ channels and 63 available in HD you’re spoilt for choice with Virgin Media TV. There’s entertainment for all ages including the Cartoon Network, Discovery and Syfy to name just a few.

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60+ channels
10 in HD

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More TV

70+ channels
10 in HD

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130+ channels
11 in HD

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170+ channels
11 in HD

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230+ channels
  46 in HD

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TiVo boxes

With our awesome TiVo boxes you can pause and rewind live TV, store hours of your favourite shows and record any three shows while you watch a recorded one.

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TV on the go

You can take your TV with you on your computer, mobile or tablet anywhere you go with WiFi or broadband in the UK.

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HD and 3D

Enjoy breath-taking shows in glorious high definition, see every detail and get up close and personal. Even more so as all our TV boxes are 3D ready.

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