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What is 3D TV?

3D has been let loose! No longer limited to huge IMAX domes, you can now watch fantastic 3D at home. All our TV boxes are 3D ready, so all you need is a 3D ready TV and 3D specs to see the action jump right out of your screen. Forget the days of blurry red and green 3D images, today's 3D is in super sharp high definition.

How does it work?

Filming in 3D

Since life is in 3D, clever cameras copy this by filming from two different angles – one for each eye. By using geometric correction (that's the technical term for putting the two images together) the two images are lined up exactly to create a brilliantly clear 3D image.

Watching 3D

At the moment, you need to wear special 3D glasses to watch 3D TV (don't worry though, geek chic is in). Like your 3D TV, these glasses are packed full of the latest technology so they work together with your TV to produce a 3D image. If you don't wear 3D glasses, it'll just look blurry.

Get 3D TV on our TV boxes

All our TV boxes are 3D ready. Simply pick the one you fancy and you're ready to experience exhilarating 3D.

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