Last chance for up to £90 off & 6 months Netflix

So...what's Netflix?

If you haven’t heard, Netflix is a super-fantastic way to watch thousands of movies and series around. And we think it’s made even better with our TiVo service. You can watch on your TV through TiVo, or on a device – and what’s more you can get 6 months Netflix on us when you join Virgin Media!

Show me how I can sign up!

What makes Netflix with TiVo so spectacular?

Watching with TiVo

As Netflix and TiVo are fully integrated, your searches include both libraries, there’s no downloading, only streaming and as TiVo has its own broadband connection, your home broadband isn’t affected!

Big, big choice

There is a huge range of movies, old classics like Clueless to new blockbusters such as Django. Plus loads of series new and old like 1–3 of Homeland, Nurse Jackie and even hours of Dora The Explorer. What’s more, there’s never any adverts!

Very gadget friendly

Netflix is perfect for watching on TiVo, but you can also get your fix on your gadgets. Get viewing on your tablet, games console, Smart TV or mobile. Perfect if you’re out and about or want to watch a guilty pleasure in peace.

Sounds great! How do I get Netflix on my TiVo?

Well that depends whether you already have Virgin Media TV services or not…

Don’t have Virgin Media yet?

1. Firstly choose any Big bundle

2. We’ll email you a unique voucher code for 6 months Netflix on us

3. Go to to redeem it

Got Virgin Media, but not TV with TiVo?

1. Firstly upgrade to any TV bundle with TiVo

2. Then you can sign up to Netflix via your TiVo app and get a month’s free trial

Got a Virgin Media TV bundle with TiVo?

You can sign up to Netflix via your TiVo app and get a month’s free trial.

Just press Home and go to Apps & Games or add via the Netflix channel (204).

Got any questions? Read our FAQs

How do I redeem this offer?

We’ll send you a unique voucher code and you’ll need to visit to redeem it.

When will I receive my voucher code?

New Virgin Media customers will be sent their voucher code by email up to 5 working days after installation of their services. 

Where is the voucher code sent from?

You’ll receive your voucher code from, so look out for it.

Do I have to redeem my voucher code by a certain date?

Yes, customers will need to redeem their voucher before April 29th 2015.

What happens after my 6 months’ offer period is up?

You’ll be contacted by Netflix around 3 weeks before the end of your trial viewing period. Don’t worry, you won’t be automatically opted in to an ongoing subscription. However if you want to continue as a paying Netflix customer, you’ll then need to pop in your payment details.

Will Netflix appear on my Virgin Media bill during the offer period or afterwards?

No and no! When you’re trialing Netflix, it won’t appear anywhere – and if you choose to continue as a paying customer, it’s done through Netflix, not Virgin Media.

I haven't received my voucher code – what do I do?

It can take up to 5 days to receive your voucher code (don’t forget to check your junk email folder). If you still haven’t got it after that time, just give our team a call on 150 from your Virgin Media phone or mobile, or 0345 454 1111ˇ from any other line and select option 4 and they’ll be happy to help you.

I can’t find the Netflix App on my TiVo box – who do I contact?

If you need some help with Netflix on your TiVo box, just give our team a call on 150 from your Virgin Media phone or mobile, or 0345 454 1111ˇ from any other line and select option 2.

I have entered my voucher code but it doesn’t work, what do I do?

Don't worry, just give our team a call on 150 from your Virgin Media phone or mobile, or 0345 454 1111ˇ from any other line and select option 4 and we'll get you up and running.

ˇFor details about how much it costs to call our team from a Virgin Media home phone, visit Call costs from other networks and mobiles vary.

How will I know when my 6 months’ offer is up?

Netflix will contact you within 3 weeks of your trial ending.

Will I still be able to get Netflix after my 6 months’ offer?

Yes of course you can. You’ll just need to pay the standard monthly subscription fee to Netflix.

Do I need to reapply on TiVo to continue Netflix after my 6 months’ offer is up?

No, Netflix will be in touch with you to continue your subscription

How much is Netflix after my 6 months’ offer?

Netflix prices start from £5.99 a month.

How do I pay for Netflix?

You can pay via credit or debit card directly to Netflix.

How do I cancel my Netflix during or after my 6 months’ offer?

At the end of the 6 months, your subscription will automatically end if you do not subscribe to Netflix's standard monthly charge. To cancel before the end of the promotional period you should contact Netflix, you can find their contact details here. For any other questions regarding your Netflix account, please visit

Do I have to give payment details when signing up to Netflix 6 months’ offer?

No, you won’t need to give us or Netflix any payment details!

Can I sign up to the Netflix 6 months’ offer via the TiVo app?

No to get the offer you must visit On the TiVo app you can register for the service and get 1 month free.

How do I watch Netflix on TiVo?

Once you’ve got your TiVo hooked up, all you have to do is grab your TiVo remote and…

1. Press Home

2. Select Apps & Games

3. Select All Apps

4. Select The Netflix App icon

5. Enter your TiVo PIN

6. Sign in to Netflix with your account details (you only have to do this once)

7. Choose between Netflix for full use or Kids for restricted viewing

8. Browse all the content by scrolling down, and just select what you want to watch

Ways to buy

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Up to £90 reward on selected Big Bundles until 29th January

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