So...what's Netflix?

If you haven’t heard, Netflix is a super-fantastic way to watch thousands of movies and series around. And we think it’s made even better with our TiVo service. You can watch on your TV through TiVo, or on a device anytime anywhere!

What makes Netflix with TiVo so spectacular?

Watching with TiVo

As Netflix and TiVo are fully integrated, your searches include both libraries, there’s no downloading, only streaming and as TiVo has its own broadband connection, your home broadband isn’t affected!

Big, big choice

There is a huge range of movies, old classics like Clueless to new blockbusters such as Django. Plus loads of series new and old like 1–3 of Homeland, Nurse Jackie and even hours of Dora The Explorer. What’s more, there’s never any adverts!

Very gadget friendly

Netflix is perfect for watching on TiVo, but you can also get your fix on your gadgets. Get viewing on your tablet, games console, Smart TV or mobile. Perfect if you’re out and about or want to watch a guilty pleasure in peace.

Sounds great! How do I get Netflix on my TiVo?

Well that depends whether you already have Virgin Media TV services or not…

Don’t have Virgin Media yet?

1. Firstly choose any Big bundle

Got Virgin Media, but not TV with TiVo?

1. Firstly upgrade to any TV bundle with TiVo

2. Then you can sign up to Netflix via your TiVo app

Got a Virgin Media TV bundle with TiVo?

You can sign up to Netflix via your TiVo app – Just press Home and go to Apps & Games or add via the Netflix channel (204).

Ways to buy

Big Bundles

Broadband, TV, phone and mobile SIM in a Big Bundle

Digital TV with TiVo, superfast fibre optic broadband, included calls and mobile SIM – all together for the first time  

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