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What is HD TV?

High definition (HD) is a TV revolution. It combines super sharp images with digital sound to create a fantastic viewing experience.

It's like when TV changed from black and white to colour. Our TV screens went from dull and uninspiring to bright and exciting. Well, HD does the same and so much more, with rich and vivid colours, a picture so sharp you can see every detail and sound so clear you'll never miss a word.

See the detail

With five times more detail than standard TV, the picture is so clear you’ll see beautiful sets, landscapes and costumes in all their glory. Action will feel more intense, soaps will seem more real and documentaries will be even more eye opening.

Intense colour

HD TV delivers brighter, more vivid colour that brings everything to life. Dazzling scenery, bright explosions and vibrant voyages make watching HD TV electrifying.

Fantastic sound

Thanks to high quality Dolby Digital sound, HD TV is a feast for your ears as well as your eyes. Get drawn into the action with waves of clear, mesmerising sound. Whether it's the chink of swords, the latest hit song, or a hilarious punch line, you'll hear everything perfectly.

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All our TV boxes are geared up for HD. Simply pick the one you fancy and you're ready to join the HD revolution.

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