The digital switchover

The digital switchover

The digital TV switchover is the process of turning off the analogue TV signal and replacing it with a digital signal. Some areas have already switched over to digital, and the whole country will switch by the end of 2012.

When is my area switching?

Digital rollout completed

  1. STV North - 2010
  2. STV Central - 2011
  3. UTV - 2012
  4. Border - 2010
  5. Tyne Tees - 2012
  6. Granada - 2010
  7. Yorkshire - 2012
  8. Wales - 2009 / 2010
  9. Central - 2011
  10. Anglia - 2011
  11. West Country - 2010
  12. West - 2011
  13. Meridian - 2012
  14. London - 2012
  15. Channel Islands - 2011

Why is it happening?

The digital switchover is Government policy. Analogue signals are being turned off to allow for more powerful digital broadcasts, bringing digital TV to the quarter of households who can't currently receive it. Switching off analogue signals also frees up space for more services, such as TV on demand, HD TV and TV through your mobile phone.

What is digital TV?

Digital TV has at least 40 channels as well as features like on screen listings, interactivity, audio description and subtitling for people with visual and hearing impairments. If you go digital with a company like Virgin Media, you can subscribe to additional channels and services, including premium channels like Sky Movies and Sky Sports, as well as broadband and telephone services.

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What will happen when my area goes digital?

When the analogue TV signal is switched off in your area, TVs that haven't been enabled to receive digital signals will no longer work. It'll affect all TVs in your house – not just the main one!

How do I get digital TV?

Virgin Media provides digital TV through a cable, or you can also receive digital signals through a set top box like a Freeview box (which uses your aerial), through your phone line, or a with a satellite dish.

If you've already got digital TV for all the TVs in your house you're all sorted – lucky you! If any of your TV equipment isn't enabled for digital broadcasts, you'll need to convert or upgrade it to receive digital signals.

Why go digital with Virgin Media?

There are lots of reasons to choose Virgin Media to go digital. Here are just a few:

  • No need for an aerial. Or a dish, for that matter. Crystal clear Virgin TV is delivered by cable.
  • No need to retune. With some other digital options, you'll need to retune your TV a couple of times throughout the switchover: BBC 2 first, then the rest a couple of weeks later. With Virgin Media there's no need to keep retuning because it's all updated automatically – happy days!
  • No need to upgrade recording equipment.If you choose our Virgin Media: TiVo® service, there's no need to upgrade your digital recording equipment. The TiVo box will take care of everything, plus you'll be able to record three channels while you watch something you've already recorded.
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