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What is broadband?

The web has changed our lives. More than ever, we're shopping, socialising, working and playing online. But to do all this, often at once, we need a fast and reliable broadband. That's where we come in.

So what does broadband mean?

Broadband is what we tend to call fast internet. It’s replaced older internet technology such as dial-up because it allows us to do more
of the things we love online much quicker.

You can choose to get your broadband through your telephone cable, or superfast fibre optic cables (like the ones you get with Virgin Media).

Fibre optic cables are made from strands of glass as thin as hair, which carry information by light. This is much, much faster than copper telephone wire, and has the added benefit that your speeds won’t get slower the further away your house is from the telephone exchange.

So speed’s important?

Oh, yes! The faster your broadband, the more you can do online. Faster broadband, like Virgin Broadband, means everyday browsing is a pleasure rather than a chore. And when it comes to the really exciting stuff, like streaming video or downloading, you can enjoy it without having to stop so often and wait while your connection catches up.

What can I do with broadband?

Pretty much anything you want to. That’s the beauty of broadband.

With a fast broadband connection, you’ve got the entire web at your beck and call. Just hook up your computer, your mobile, your games console or tablet and you’re away.

Watch a movie. Stream that album everyone’s talking about. Tap into your social networks. The online world is your oyster.

And with broadband speeds getting faster and faster (we’ve been doubling our speeds!), things can only get better. It’s pretty exciting stuff.

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