Now with 10 addresses for you and everyone in your household

Sign up to Mail and you'll get up to 10 email addresses, so the whole family can have one each. And a powerful spam filter means you don’t need to worry about junk emails filling up your inbox. Why not set yours up now? Or if you already have one, check your mail.

Get all your email accounts in one place

Use your Virgin Media mailbox to get to all your email accounts, even ones from other providers.

Check your email anywhere

Because Virgin Media Mail is web-based, you don't have to be at your home computer to check your emails.

Store anything and everything

With oodles of storage space, you won't be forced to delete messages you want to keep. We give you 20GB storage and you can send attachments up to a massive 25MB if you need to.

Say goodbye to spam

Virgin Media Mail blocks junk mail before it gets to your inbox. If something does creep through, you can report it and help make our spam filters even better.

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