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Award-winning internet security for your gadgets

F-Secure SAFE protects up to 5 of your devices from viruses, identity theft and dodgy websites. And whether you’re in the house or on the go, you’re covered – it works on everything from PCs and Macs to your mobiles and tablets. Plus, it’s free for a whole year – saving you £79.99.

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Meet the internet baddies


Viruses are computer infections that damage your computer and destroy your documents. They’re usually downloaded from emails or websites.


These little programs are planted on your computer from websites. They spy on your Internet activity, slowing down your computer or threatening your personal data.

Identity theft

Identity thieves use “phishing” websites (which look like they’re from your bank) to trick you into entering personal details which they use to open fake bank accounts or credit cards in your name.

F-Secure SAFE can help you avoid them all

If you’ve heard of internet security software, you’ll know how important it is to keep yourself, your family and your computer safe on the web.

Good internet security software protects you from internet baddies so you can enjoy the web, worry free.

There are many brands of internet security software, but we wanted our customers to get what we think is the best. That’s why all our broadband packages come with award winning internet security worth £79.99* from F-Secure®, absolutely free for 12 months.

Then if you're happy with the service, you can keep it for just £25 a year. That's a massive saving of £54.99.

* Value correct as of 23/10/2013

Complete protection for your family

F-Secure® SAFE protects you from viruses, identity theft and malicious websites. Plus it has parental controls to stop your kids from seeing unsuitable content.

And, unlike other security software, it works with up to 5 devices. So you’ll get the same protection and peace of mind whether you’re at your desk, on the train, in the park or on holiday.

Online security on up to 5 devices

You can go online on your PC, Mac, laptop, tablet or smartphone knowing that F-Secure® SAFE is working its little socks off to protect you from viruses, spyware, hacker attacks and identity theft.

Award-winning protection

F-Secure® SAFE may be new to you but it’s already won the AV Test award for Best Protection 2012. And in independent security product tests, it consistently ranks in the top three.

Cloud-based technology means you’re safe wherever you are

Whether you’re using your devices at home or out and about, online threats are blocked without noticeably slowing down your connection.

Parental controls to help keep the whole family safe

Want to stop your kids seeing unsuitable content on the web? With parental controls, you choose what they see and when they see it (so they stay focused on homework, not Facebook.)

Complete protection for the whole family

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Other ways to protect your family

We've got lots of useful tips for digital parents in our handy web app, Switched On Families. 

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Report online terrorism

Illegal terrorist information, pictures or videos you’ve seen on the internet can be reported on the following website.

Report terrorism

Get increased protection with Web Safe

For an extra level of protection be sure to switch on Web Safe, which is included in your home broadband package. It works with any device that connects to your broadband, helping to block harmful and inappropriate sites before they reach your router. It's a brilliant companion to F-Secure® SAFE and will help you stay as safe as possible. 

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