Stop harmful sites from even reaching your router

Web Safe automatically blocks access to sites it believes are either unsuitable for kids, fraudulent or contain viruses. It’s included in your broadband package and helps protect any device that's connected to your Virgin Media home network. What’s more, it’s really easy to set up.

Protect your family with Child Safe

Child Safe helps to block any unsuitable content from reaching the devices connected to your home network. So if the kids are upstairs on their laptop, tablet or smartphone, you'll feel confident they won't see sites known to contain pornography, hate, crime, drugs, violence, hacking, address hiding, self-harm and suicide.

Protect your personal information with Virus Safe

Virus Safe helps to block harmful sites that may have viruses, phishing websites, blacklisted sites and scam sites - for example, fake banking websites. So you can check your balance, pay your bills or go shopping with that extra peace of mind.

How do I switch it on?

It’s easy. Just head over to My Virgin Media and decide whether you want to turn on Child Safe or Virus Safe - or both. (By default, they’re both turned off). If you change your mind, you can change your settings at any time.
Change your Web Safe settings

Three reasons to use Web Safe

  • It helps to keep you and your family safe from inappropriate sites
  • It blocks sites on any device connected to your home network
  • It blocks phishing sites, scam sites and more

  • Web Safe is free for all Virgin Broadband customers

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    Other ways to protect your family

    We've got lots of useful tips for digital parents in our handy web app, Switched On Families. 

    Go to Switched On Families

    Get increased protection with F-Secure SAFE

    For an extra layer of online protection both at home and on the go, try our outstanding internet security package, F-Secure SAFE, powered by award winning security experts F-Secure®.

    More about F-Secure SAFE

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