Fast broadband for great entertainment

You’re never short of entertainment with Virgin Broadband. Download an HD movie, stream a music playlist from Spotify, or get social online games and Skype with less buffering. It’s all there, whenever you want it.

Film fanatics will love our super speeds

With our superfast broadband speeds, and services like Netflix, YouTube or Virgin TV on the go, there are thousands of movies to choose from that you can stream or download straight to your computer or tablet. Or if you’re more of a movie maker, you can share home videos to Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo in seconds, even if it’s shot in high definition.

Spotify – it’s music to your ears

Bring music to your ears, literally, with 15 million tracks at your fingertips with Spotify – a music subscription service that lets you stream most of your favourite songs, albums and playlists through your computer or mobile phone (or TV if you’ve got Virgin TV with TiVo®). Or download your tunes to play when you’re offline. Search, find, listen. Easy.

Keep on top of your social life

Nothing’s made it easier to keep in touch like social networks. From sharing photos on Flickr, keeping tabs on Facebook, to seeing what’s trending on Twitter, we all like to be kept in the loop. Our superfast speeds and less buffering mean you can get all the updates from your friends, family and followers as soon as you want them, and keep in touch with Google Talk and Skype.

Download apps and games and play online

Gaming is much more fun online. Whether you’re racing F1 cars or tending to your livestock on Farmville, online gaming lets you test yourself against the best in the world. Want the latest game? Connect your smartphone or tablet to our superfast download speeds and you’ll have the game or app in no time.

More about online gaming

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