Get up to speed with our fastest ever WiFi

WiFi is one of those weird things that you can’t see, but you know it’s there reliably floating about making all your connections happen and keeping you happily online… until something happens in the ether and snap – it’s gone. However, with our ultrafast WiFi, you can be sure of a great connection whenever you want it.


Our WiFi in your home

Getting WiFi, or ‘going wireless’ in your home is easy. All you need is our amazing Super Hub. Then everyone can connect at the same time using one fast, secure broadband connection – in different rooms and on all sorts of devices.

Super Hub speed, signal and security

Our Super Hub gives ultrafast WiFi speeds that stay fast across loads of devices because it uses 5GHz and 2.4GHz at the same time, and has a sneaky extra wireless antenna. Team this with VIVID, our next generation optical fibre, up to 200Mbps, and you can reach ultrafast WiFi speeds around your home.

What’s more, you can be assured you’re all safe online with latest wireless encryption technology, Web Safe, F Secure SAFE™ and parental controls.

Here’s the technical bit

  • Full DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem functionality (also fully compatible with DOCSIS 1.0, 1.1, 2.0)
  • Eight bonded downstreams
  • Four bonded upstreams
  • Four ethernet 10/100/1000BaseT ports
  • Wireless b, g, n capable in 2.4GHz band plus wireless a, n & ac in 5GHz band (Dual-concurrent frequencies)
  • Five internal antennas
  • Up to three spatial streams in the 5GHz band
  • Supports WEP/WPA/WPA2 wireless security encryption
  • Supports WPS push button synchronisation
  • Built-in router, DHCP and firewall which can be customised and deactivated
  • Virgin Media customised housing
  • External power supply (12v 1.5A)
  • Dimensions: 215 x 70 x 195mm (8.5 x 2.75 x 7.5in)

The proof is in the pudding (but these tables make more sense)

Check out the latest speed reports by clicking on the boxes below.

Best for streaming

Psst...We’re the best for streaming!

To deliver a great level of streaming performance, you need three things from a network:

  • Fast peak time speeds
  • A low level of delay in delivering the streaming data across your network (latency)
  • A low amount of data dropped or lost while it goes across your network (packet loss)

And, what’s more, the latest set of Ofcom testing (from November 2014) and tests carried out by Farncombe Technology Ltd (October to November 2014) shows that Virgin Media’s up to 152Mb broadband service is proven to have the fastest peak time speeds, plus low peak time levels of latency and low peak time levels of packet loss. This means that Virgin Media’s up to 152Mb service is the best for streaming, when compared to BT, Plusnet and Sky. Pretty awesome, right? Take a look at Ofcom’s results in the table below, and you’ll see why we’re cheering.

To make sure you can stream to your heart’s content around your home, Virgin Media’s new Super Hub, has been proven to be the fastest WiFi device compared to latest router offered by BT, Sky, and TalkTalk. Take a look at how the independent testing was conducted and the results.

Ofcom test results November 2014


Download speed (Mb)
8-10pm weekday

Latency (in milliseconds)
8-10pm weekday

Packet loss (%)
8-10pm weekday

Virgin Media 'up to' 152Mbit/s




Virgin Media 'up to' 100Mbit/s




Virgin Media 'up to' 50Mbit/s








BT up to 38Mbit/s




BT 'up to' 76Mbit/s




EE up to 38Mbit/s




Plusnet ADSL2+




Plusnet up to 38Mbit/s




Plusnet 'up to' 76Mbit/s




Sky ADSL2+




Sky up to 38Mbit/s




TalkTalk ADSL2+





All data above comes from Ofcom's fixed-line broadband performance bi-annual report published in February 2015. For the full report click here.

Our typical fixed-line broadband download speeds for August 2015

Broadband speed

Average speed at peak times

Average speed
over 24hrs

Ofcom's reported peak times for BT's regular broadband

Ofcom's reported peak times for Sky's regular broadband

The number of times that Virgin Media is faster at peak (on average)

Up to 50Mb




4 times faster

Up to 100Mb





7 times faster

Up to 152Mb




13 times faster

Source: Virgin Media Broadband Performance Panel powered by SamKnows, the broadband performance monitoring specialists. Typical speeds are recorded with a standard ethernet cable. BT and Sky’s Regular Broadband (ADSL2+ over 10Mb, excludes fibre products) peak download speed data comes from Ofcom’s review of UK broadband speeds published in February 2015, based on Ofcom November 2014 test results.

Where do the speed stats come from?

The data comes from a broadband measurement panel made up of real Virgin Media customers spread out across our network. Powered by SamKnows, the broadband performance monitoring specialists, we run millions of tests per month to understand how our broadband is performing.

Ofcom’s twice yearly review of UK broadband speeds is also carried out by SamKnows. Our testing mirrors the methodology used in Ofcom’s review and can be found within section 2 of the annex here.

Why do you say 'up to' about speeds?

We use the phrase 'up to' because download speeds are affected by things beyond our control. For example, the website you're on, the number of people online, or your computer's specifications. With Virgin Media, you'll get much closer to the broadband speed you pay for.

Average download speeds – Ofcom speed test results November 2014

24 Hours

8-10pm Weekdays


8.9Mb to 11.8Mb

8.9Mb to 11.7Mb


8.6Mb to 10.8Mb

8.5Mb to 10.8Mb

Plusnet ADSL2+

9.3Mb to 12.1Mb

9.2Mb to 12Mb

TalkTalk ADSL2+

7.5Mb to 9.5Mb

7.5Mb to 9.5Mb


BT 'up to' 38Mb

32.1Mb to 34.4Mb

31.9Mb to 34.2Mb

EE 'up to' 38Mb

29.5Mb to 31.5Mb

29Mb to 30.9Mb

Plusnet 'up to' 38Mb

30.1Mb to 34.2Mb

30Mb to 34.1Mb

Sky 'up to' 38Mb

34.3Mb to 36.4Mb

34.2Mb to 36.3Mb

Virgin Media 'up to' 50Mb

52.5Mb to 53.3Mb

51.5Mb to 52.8Mb

BT 'up to' 76Mb

59.9Mb to 63.1Mb

59.3Mb to 62.6Mb

Plusnet 'up to' 76Mb

57.7Mb to 60.5Mb

57.1Mb to 59.7Mb

Virgin Media 'up to' 100Mb

94.3Mb to 99.5Mb

86.5Mb to 95Mb

Virgin Media 'up to' 152Mb

129.5Mb to 135.8Mb

115Mb to 124.5Mb

All average download speed data above comes from Ofcom's review of UK broadband speeds published in February 2015, based on Ofcom November 2014 test results. Speeds tested over a 24 hour period through a wired connection for one PC. Customers may experience slower speeds when multiple devices are connected or when using broadband wirelessly..

Get ready though – new supercharged speeds coming soon!

Comparison of net satisfaction with broadband reliability scores

Super reliable fibre - here's the legal bit!

Virgin Media can claim to have "super reliable fibre", based on the results of an independent Gfk customer survey, full details of which are below.


"Now we'd like to explore what you think of [Supplier] Broadband in a bit more detail.

The reliability of your broadband service

0-Extremely dissatisfied / 1 2 3 4 5-Neutral 6 7 8 9 10-Extremely satisfied / Don't know"

The scores are split into categories of detractors (0-6), passives (7-8) or promoters (9-10) and a 'Net Satisfaction Score' is determined as the percentage of respondents who are 'promoters' minus the percentage that are 'detractors'.

The results:

Virgin Media scored +26% for Net Satisfaction with Broadband Reliability - compared to BT & Plusnet combined at +16%; Sky +13%; Orange broadband +10%; TalkTalk +4%. This means Virgin Media Net Satisfaction with broadband reliability is significantly higher than all of those competitor scores (at 95% confidence).

For Virgin Media, there were:

  • 23% detractors (0 to 6 score )
  • 29% passives (7 to 8)
  • 48% promoters (9 to 10)
  • resulting in the net satisfaction score of +26%


for BT & Plusnet combined, there were:

  • 28% detractors (0 to 6)
  • 29% passives (7 to 8)
  • 44% promoters (9 to 10)
  • resulting in the net satisfaction score of +16%

How we compared:

The results for Virgin Media (+26%) and BT & Plusnet combined (+16%) are significantly different at 95% confidence level, indicating Virgin Media are scored higher for net satisfaction with broadband reliability compared to BT & Plusnet.

We have the evidence that Virgin Media are better than BT & Plusnet combined, Sky, Orange and TalkTalk for net satisfaction with broadband reliability.

Q4 2014


Q3 2014


H2 2014


Virgin Media


Virgin Media


Virgin Media




BT + Plusnet*


BT + Plusnet*


BT + Plusnet*


















Talk Talk*


Talk Talk*


Talk Talk*


* Significantly different at 95% level

Source: GfK survey Survey responses were collected in Q3 and Q4 2014 for this particular claim. Responses to the reliability question in Q3-14 & Q4-14 combined - there were 2,560 BT & Plusnet respondents (2,091 BT, 469 Plusnet); 1,339 Sky respondents; 1,242 TalkTalk respondents; 509 Orange broadband respondents and 3,235 Virgin Media respondents from surveys collected.

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