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Tools and tips to help you protect your family online

We know the web can feel pretty daunting for parents. To help you keep your family safe and give you extra peace of mind,
we’ve created these handy tools and tips.

Handy advice for parents

Switched on Families

This online platform and interactive guide gives parents honest and useful advice to make sure their family gets the best from the web and their kids stay safe online.

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Protect your family at home

Web Safe works on your home network to protect your family from inappropriate content or malicious websites.

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Protect your devices anywhere

F-Secure SAFE

There are plenty of things to be wary of online. Luckily, all our broadband customers can get award winning internet security, F-Secure® SAFE, to keep internet baddies at bay.

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Resource tools for parents

F-Secure SAFE

Virgin Media and other major broadband providers have launched Internet Matters, a not-for-profit organisation offering parents further resources to help them keep their children safer online.

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Report online terrorism

Illegal terrorist information, pictures or videos you’ve seen on the internet can be reported on the following website.

Report terrorism

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