We're still the fastest!

For the 12th report running, industry watchdog Ofcom has proved that Virgin Media Broadband is officially the fastest broadband widely available in the UK#.

And we’re getting faster!

In Ofcom's latest report, the UK average broadband speed has increased from 18.7Mb to 22.8Mb, which is largely because we're Supercharging our speeds yet again!

Average download speeds - Ofcom speed test results November 2014


24 Hours

8-10pm Weekdays


8.9Mb to 11.8Mb

8.9Mb to 11.7Mb


8.6Mb to 10.8Mb

8.5Mb to 10.8Mb

Plusnet ADSL2+

9.3Mb to 12.1Mb

9.2Mb to 12Mb

TalkTalk ADSL2+

7.5Mb to 9.5Mb

7.5Mb to 9.5Mb


BT 'up to' 38Mb

32.1Mb to 34.4Mb

31.9Mb to 34.2Mb

EE 'up to' 38Mb

29.5Mb to 31.5Mb

29Mb to 30.9Mb

Plusnet 'up to' 38Mb

30.1Mb to 34.2Mb

30Mb to 34.1Mb

Sky 'up to' 38Mb

34.3Mb to 36.4Mb

34.2Mb to 36.3Mb

Virgin Media 'up to' 50Mb

52.5Mb to 53.3Mb

51.5Mb to 52.8Mb

BT 'up to' 76Mb

59.9Mb to 63.1Mb

59.3Mb to 62.6Mb

Plusnet 'up to' 76Mb

57.7Mb to 60.5Mb

57.1Mb to 59.7Mb

Virgin Media 'up to' 100Mb

94.3Mb to 99.5Mb

86.5Mb to 95Mb

Virgin Media 'up to' 152Mb

129.5Mb to 135.8Mb

115Mb to 124.5Mb

All average download speed data above comes from Ofcom's review of UK broadband speeds published in February 2015, based on Ofcom November 2014 test results. Speeds tested over a 24 hour period through a wired connection for one PC. Customers may experience slower speeds when multiple devices are connected or when using broadband wirelessly..

Get ready though – new supercharged speeds coming soon!

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