What's a home network?

Want to get everybody online at once? Like to check your emails from your garden? Or share photos, films and videos between devices? All you need is a home network. See how easy it is to create one.

Home networks for everybody

Most of us have a network of some sort in our home these days (you may not even realise it). In fact, if you connect two devices together (such as your computer, laptop, TV, mobile phone, tablet, printer or games console) you already have a home network. Congratulations!

So a home network is just two or more computers or gadgets talking to each other. Usually that means sharing an internet connection, but a network can also be used to share files or devices such as printers or mobile phones.

What can I do with a home network?

Just plugging one device into another lets you share things like photos, videos and music, but the real fun begins when you add the UK's fastest widely available broadband to the mix. Here’s a flavour of what you can do.

  • Surf the web from wherever you are in your home
  • Share music, videos and pictures between your devices
  • Play multi-player computer games together
  • Print documents from a number of different devices

You’ve got two choices to connect your home network.    Wired or wireless?

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