How do I connect my network?

So you know about all the brilliant things you can do with a home network and now you want a piece of the action? No problem. Below are some simple step by step instructions about what you need to do.

Make sure you have everything you need

What you need to connect your home network depends on whether you want to make a wired or a wireless connection (of course you can do both if you like.)

For both wired and wireless connections, you’ll need your Virgin Media Super Hub. This is what connects your computer and your other devices to the web - and each other in some cases.

And if you’ve just received a shiny new Super Hub and need to swap it for your old kit watch the video below to see how easy it is to do.

Find a spot for your Super Hub

Finding a happy home for your Super Hub is really important so that you get the best wireless signal – and our fastest ever wireless broadband. For some tips, take a look at our step-by-step, interactive guide, or the list below.

If you’re a new customer and you’ve not had your services installed yet, we also recommend that you use the guide below to think about where you would like the Super Hub installed before the engineer arrives.

Avoid obstructions - Any object in the line of sight between the Super Hub and a computer or device, such as a thick wall, will act as a barrier and weaken the WiFi signal. Try to make a connection close to the Super Hub.

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Avoid obstructions - Also, some objects such as fishtanks can reduce the strength in your WiFi signal resulting in slower speeds.

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Give it space - Your Super Hub broadcasts from its front panel (where the lights are). The more space around it the better, its signal can spread. So don’t hide it away on a bookshelf or behind your TV.

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Try to avoid other electrical devices - Especially ones that also send out a signal using radio waves like baby monitors and cordless phones.

Keep your Virgin Media Super Hub away from physical obstructions

Any barriers in the line of sight between your Super Hub and your web devices, such as thick walls, will degrade your WiFi signal.

Give it space

The more space immediately around your Super Hub, the better its signal can spread.

Keep the front clear

Your Virgin Media Super Hub broadcasts from its front panel, so try not to hide it away on a bookshelf or behind the TV.

Try to avoid other electrical devices

Especially ones that also send out a signal using radio waves like baby monitors and cordless phones.

Don’t give up if you don’t like the first place you choose

Try a few different locations and see which one works best for you.

Find out more about improving your Hub's signal

If you're using a wired connection...

1. Connect your Super Hub to your computer

Using an Ethernet cable will give you a fast and reliable wired broadband connection.

2. Check that your connection is working

You should now be on the web. Open your browser and go to to find out!

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If you're using Wireless…

1. Bring your device into the same room as your Super Hub

This will give you the strongest WiFi signal. (Don't worry, once it's connected you can move around the whole house.)

2. Select your WiFi network from those available

This is done by finding the network name (SSID) that has been set up for your home network. You should be able to find this in your computer's network settings.

3. Enter the password for your network...

You should now be able to enjoy the freedom of wireless!

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Having trouble connecting to the web?

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