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But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy everything Virgin Media has to offer! It just means we're unable to offer you all our packages.

Extending your network

Get connected and stay connected anywhere in your home

When it comes to wireless networking, your Super Hub is one souped-up piece of kit. But wireless technology isn’t perfect, so there might be the odd place in your home where it just can’t reach or give you the speeds you crave. First of all, try these handy hints for getting the best wireless signal. You might want to also consider adding a powerline kit to your network.

Behold the power of powerline

Powerline networks use your home's electrical wiring to connect devices. Hook up an adapter to your Super Hub to help you get online from any room with a working socket. The awesome Netgear XWNB5201 will give your WiFi a big boost for a tiny £40, plus £7 p&p, an exclusive price for Virgin Media customers.

Powerline in action

Powerline kits extend your broadband network using the electrical wiring in your home. Using powerline wirelessly lets you extend the WiFi coverage in your home without relying on your existing WiFi signal. Or you can use powerline to connect a wired device straight to your network using an Ethernet cable - great for a games console or TiVo box

Ready to boost your WiFi?

The Netgear XWNB5201 500 Mbps wireless powerline adapter kit is the perfect solution for extending your home network. With easy plug-and-play set up, installation is easy as pie. It’s just £40, plus £7 p&p, an exclusive price for Virgin Media customers..

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Your broadband boosting superhero

Remember the speeds you achieve with your powerline will only ever be as fast as your broadband speed. The speeds you get in the real world are often lower than the maximum your product states. We’ve tested a lot of these devices and found that 500Mbps powerline kits usually give speeds of between 20 and 200 Mbps.

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