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When it comes to wireless networking, your Super Hub is one souped-up piece of kit. But wireless technology isn’t perfect, so there might be the odd place in your home where it just can’t reach or give you the speeds you crave. First of all, try these handy hints for getting the best wireless signal. You might want to also consider adding one of these clever gadgets below to your network.


Powerline kits extend your broadband network using the electrical wiring in your home. Some kits connect a wired device straight to your network using an Ethernet cable. Great for a games console or TiVo® box. Others also support wireless networking. This allows you to extend the WiFi coverage in your home without relying on your existing WiFi signal.

WiFi repeater

WiFi repeaters take your existing WiFi signal and repeats it to extend the reach of the wireless coverage in your home. Getting you back online in hard-to-reach zones such as an upstairs room or basement.

WiFi adapter

Ideal if your computer doesn’t support WiFi. Just plug an adapter into your USB port and you’ll be able to connect your device wirelessly. Giving you the freedom to roam from room-to-room in your home.

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Ethernet and WiFi network extension

Extending your WiFi coverage, streaming video in HD

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WiFi repeater

A WiFi boost that’s easy to install

Boosting your WiFi in another room

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WiFi adaptor

Enables a WiFi connection for ‘Ethernet only’ devices

Computers without built-in WiFi

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How fast do you want to go?

Repeaters and powerlines come in different speeds, 300Mps or 500Mps for example. But remember the speeds you achieve with your repeater or powerline will only ever be as fast as your broadband speed. The speeds you get in the real world are often lower than the maximum your product states. We’ve tested a lot of these devices and found that 300Mb usually give speeds up to 40Mbps.

For many people, 300Mb adapters will let you do all the things you like to do online. But for those with super speedy broadband (like our up to 152Mb broadband), you might want to think about getting a faster 500Mb Powerline Adapter to extend the reach of your network, helping you get the fastest possible speeds. A 500Mbp powerline kit gives a speed of between 20 and 200Mbps.

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