Boost your broadband signal

When it comes to wireless networking, your Super Hub is one souped-up piece of kit. But wireless technology isn’t perfect yet, so there might be the odd place in your home it just can’t reach.

Where’s that wireless?

If your wireless signal isn’t as good as you’d like, your devices may just be too far away from your Super Hub. But your wireless signal can also be weakened by thick walls, electrical devices, and even fish tanks! And that’s no fun when you want to use your tablet, laptop or games console anywhere in your home, is it?

So what can you do?

Strrreeeetch your connection

First of all, try these handy hints for getting the best wireless signal and if you’re still not having any joy, you might want to think about adding a Powerline kit to boost the reach of your network.

More about Powerline kits

Boost the reach of your network with a Powerline kit.    More about Powerline

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