Stay fast

You’ve already got our fantastically fast broadband. Now make sure you’re enjoying your speeds to the max with these handy hints and tips.

What slows down my home broadband?

Computer care

It might actually be your computer, and not your broadband, holding you back.

Get your computer fit for broadband

Your browser

Many modern websites won’t work with old browsers. And when they do, they can be slow to load and insecure.

Update your browser

Connect smarter

Setting up your home network properly is really important if you want to hit your max speed.

Set up your home network for speed

Be wary of others

Sometimes when your broadband is running slower than usual, it’s actually other people causing it.

Stop others from slowing your down

Boost your speeds

Outgrown your broadband speed? Fancy giving it a boost? We've got the UK's fastest widely available home broadband, so you won't find faster.

Give your broadband a boost

Top tips

These small changes could make a big difference to your broadband speeds.

Other top tips

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