Smartphones for smart people

There’s never been a better time to join the smartphone revolution. Read on to discover why.

First up, what’s a smartphone?

Not long back, you could only make calls or send texts with your mobile. These days technology’s improved so much that you can now do most of the cool stuff you’d do with a computer – like surf the web, play games online, download apps and send or receive emails – while you’re out and about. We call this new generation of phones ‘smartphones’, and they’re now so popular that nearly every new phone sold today is a smartphone.

Why are they so popular?

Do more than one thing at a time
Smartphones are super powerful, which means you can do loads of things at once, often at the same time. You could listen to music while you browse the web, or text a friend while you upload photos to Facebook. Smartphones do it all, easily.

Personalise your phone
Take a photo and use it as your desktop picture, compose your own ringtone, put your blog on your home screen and download the apps that you love. Your smartphone is like a blank canvas for you to do anything you want. So go to town.

Get the latest news and weather on the go
Most news providers, like the BBC and CNN, have web pages specifically designed for mobile users, often with audio and video reports. You’ll be so up-to-date with the latest news you’ll feel like you’re actually in the newsroom.

Read and write emails, wherever
Smartphones let you take your office with you. You can write, send and receive emails when you’re on the move and many phones even let you look at and edit documents too.

Share videos or photos with friends and family
Little one just taken their first steps? Don’t keep it to yourself – share it with the world. Take a pic or record a video then upload it to Instagram, YouTube, Facebook or Twitter.

Carry millions of music tracks

Imagine how many CDs you’d have to carry to take 15 million music tracks with you. With Spotify, you don’t have to. You can use your mobile to find and listen to pretty much any track you want, with just a few taps.

Download apps to do almost anything
Plan your journey home, play Tetris, count the number of calories you burned at the gym, or see what you’d look like if you were a zombie. You’ll be shocked at the variety of apps out there – and many of them are free to download.


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