About your bill

OK, so your bill isn’t the most fun thing you’ll get from us. So we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible to understand your bill so you can get back to doing all the good stuff.

Save paper and money with paperless billing

By switching to eBilling you’ll be able to view your bills online or via text – saving you £18 a year!

  • Register or log in to Your Account and select How you get your bill
  • Once you’ve switched to eBilling, we’ll send you an email each month to let you know your bill is ready to view
  • You can also view up to 12 of your last bills and download and print them if you like

Billing FAQs

When do I get my bill?
You'll get your very first bill in the first week of your contract. It’ll include your first monthly charge, with usage for this period included on your next months bill, which we will send you on the same date every month.
Why is my bill higher than my package price?

There are a few reasons why you might find extra charges on your bill. Here are some of them:

Non-inclusive calls or texts. Your minutes or texts package covers calls or texts to any UK standard rate fixed number (so that's numbers beginning 01, 02 and 03), or to any UK mobile number. If you call or text other numbers (like 08 and 07 numbers, premium rate services, international numbers or directory enquiries), you'll be charged separately and the details for these calls will be on your bill.

Usage that's not included in your package. Once you've used up the amount included in your package, you'll be charged at the standard rate for additional minutes. You'll find all the details of these calls and texts on your bill.

Paper Bill Charge. If you've chosen to get a paper bill by post, there's a charge of £1.50 per bill. If you'd rather not pay for paper bills, switch to eBilling. Just log in to Your Account, click 'How you get your bill' and choose another billing option.

Other reasons. You'll find details of all other extra charges on your bill, but if you have any questions, just contact us.

Why am I being charged for sending texts to TV competitions or buying ringtones?

Have you ever texted a message to a 5-digit number, entered a TV competition, voted for someone on X Factor, The Voice or Britain’s Got Talent, or bought downloadable content for your phone?

These can be really fun and convenient ways to use your phone, but don’t forget that most of these services aren’t free, even if you have inclusive text messages in your mobile tariff. So make sure you check that you’re happy paying the charges before you send that text.

What are ‘Other costs’ and why do I have charges for this on my bill?
These are costs which are not directly related to your mobile use. The details will be explained on your bill but they may be paper bill charges or balance brought forward.
Why do I have charges for more than one text sent at the same time?
This is because text messages are normally limited to a maximum of 160 characters (including the spaces and punctuation). When you send a message that’s longer than this limit it gets divided into separate ‘pages’ of up to 160 characters. Each ‘page’ counts as one text, so you’ll be charged for each ‘page’.
What are credit limits?

Although you have a pay monthly contract with us we will still monitor usage of your service. It’s nothing to be worried about, but if we notice a particularly large amount of activity on your account we may contact you by text message to make sure nobody else is making calls on your mobile without your permission. If we’re unable to contact you, we may block your phone from making calls. If this happens, call us on 0345 6000 789 as soon as possible so we can unblock your phone.

Of course, sometimes high usage isn’t because of fraud. You might just have lost track of your usage and be in danger of getting a nasty shock on your next bill. Either way, we’ll try to get in touch to discuss it with you so your phone isn’t blocked temporarily. Remember, the best way to keep track of your calls, texts and data is in Your Account.

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