Your tariff

You're on a great tariff – here's how to make the most of it. We'll show you how to check call charges or your balance and switch your tariff if you fancy a change.

Three ways to check what tariff you’re on

1. Register or log in to Your Account online
2. Download the My Account app to your Android phone
3. Call 789 on your Virgin Mobile

What your calls cost

Take a look at our call charges for use within the UK and abroad here.

Pay Monthly call charges

How to change your tariff

Fancy something new? More texts, perhaps? Maybe you’d just prefer a bigger bundle or minutes, so you can natter away for even longer. With us, you’re in luck because you can change your tariff at any time. Here’s how:

1. Register or log in to Your Account online
2. Click Change your tariff from the options you see in front of you
3. Follow the instructions until you’ve selected your new tariff
4. You’ll switch to your new tariff at the next opportunity, which is usually just before your next bill

See our Pay Monthly tariffs

All right, let’s get the really boring stuff out the way quickly.    About your bill

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