Getting to grips with data

Data is dull, right? No way! Because the more data you have in your tariff, the more you can do on the web. And since most of the fun things use a lot of it (like streaming video or music), more data equals more fun.

So how much data do I use?

You can see exactly how much data you’ve used in the last month online in Your Account, or on your Android phone with the My Account app.





300 web pages with rich content or…

1500 web pages with rich content or…

3,000 web pages with rich content or…

9,000 web pages with rich content or…

10 music tracks or…

50 music tracks or…

100 music tracks or…

300 music tracks or…

12 YouTube clips…

60 YouTube clips or…

120 YouTube clips or…

360 YouTube clips or…

32 apps

160 apps

320 apps

960 apps

Get the most out of your data with these top tips

Strrreeetch your limits with WiFi

Here’s a handy hint for you. When you connect your mobile to your WiFi, you don’t use any of your mobile phone data (it comes from the broadband connection instead). Plus, if the broadband you’re connecting to is Virgin Broadband, you’re likely to enjoy much faster speeds. Hurrah!

How to connect your mobile to a WiFi network

WiFi on the Underground

Stay online, even underground

Every Virgin Mobile and Virgin Broadband customer can use our amazing London Underground WiFi network at no extra cost. It’s available at ticket halls, escalators, walkways and platforms in 120 stations and it only takes a few seconds to get started. 

And if you’re a Virgin TiVo customer, you can even watch your favourite shows on your mobile or tablet with our amazing TV Anywhere app.

More about WiFi on the London Underground 

Data doesn’t stop

You might think that because your phone is tucked up inside your pocket it won’t eat up your data. But it can. That’s because many apps (like email, weather and social network apps) update without you telling them to. You’ll get the latest info on your phone, but you’ll also use up lots of data. If you have a data limit, shut down the apps before your data allowance gets gobbled up.

Turn off data while you’re abroad

You’ll be charged for the data you use when you’re abroad, even if you’re on an unlimited tariff. To avoid any nasty surprises on your bill when you get home, go into your phone’s settings and turn off data roaming. If you still want to use the web, try connecting to a WiFi network instead and surf till your heart’s content. If you’re in the EU and you want to use data without connecting to WiFi, make sure you get one of our data passes.

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