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Uh oh! We can't install a phone line for you

But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy everything Virgin Media has to offer! It just means we're unable to offer you all our packages.

The Inclusives from Virgin Media

Get to know The Inclusives

Did you know you can get even more from your Virgin Media package with our range of fantastic services? Watch TV on the go, protect your files and even get free photos. Check out all the benefits you could get below.

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Take your telly walkies with TV on the go

Virgin Media TV customer? You'll love TV on the go. That’s our name for TV Anywhere, the Sky Cinema app and the Sky Sports apps.

With TV Anywhere you can watch live TV on your computer, tablet or phone, you can even manage shows on your TiVo box – and set up recordings on the fly.

The Sky Cinema and Sky Sports apps are wicked too… if you’ve got those channels as part of your package you can catch a match on the move, or watch your choice of over 1000 movies in the bath – whatever tickles your fancy! All you need is a 3G, 4G or WiFi.

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No charge for servicing and repairs

Worry not! If anything goes wrong with any of your whizzy Virgin Media equipment, we’ll sort it – no charge. This excludes misuse and mistreatment – so try not to use your TiVo box as a coaster.

WiFi on London Underground

Got Virgin Broadband and want to get online underground? You can enjoy superfast WiFi at no extra cost in 150 stations (and counting) on London’s Tube network. Whether you’re waiting on the platform, going up the escalators or heading through ticket halls, you can get your internet on and do all the little bits you like on the move!

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Stay connected with WiFi Buddy

Want to plan a holiday whilst buying bikinis? Or look up a line up in a queue at a café? Then you need WiFi Buddy. It’s our app for Virgin Mobile customers that connects you automatically to over 22000 WiFi hotspots across the UK – all at no extra cost!

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Available on the App Store  Android app on Google play

Your Internet Security Toolkit

Virgin Media broadband customers have the tools and tips to stay protected while browsing, banking, gaming and shopping. Discover how your Internet Security Toolkit can help keep you safer online.

F-Secure SAFE

F-Secure SAFE® offers complete security confidence when installed on up to five devices. Helps to keep you safer when shopping, banking and browsing online through anti-virus protection and spyware detection features.

F-Secure KEY

Never forget another password or PIN code with F-Secure KEY®. Store all of your important credentials in one secure and simple-to-use password manager. Powered by award-winning security experts

Web Safe

Web Safe helps you and your family to stay safer online by protecting any device that's connected to your home broadband network. Personalise Web Safe by choosing the level of protection that's right for your household.

Up to 10 email addresses for your home

Sign up to Mail and you'll get up to 10 email addresses – one for each of the family. And, as Mail is web-based, you don't have to be at home to check your emails.

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Free photo prints from Snapfish

We've teamed up with Snapfish to offer our broadband customers up to 100 free photo prints every month for a whole year from the moment you sign up.

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