Handy little apps for your big screen

Get yourself a TiVo® box and you can enjoy web apps for some of your favourite websites such as Netflix, YouTube and BBC iPlayer in glorious detail on your TV's big screen.

Enjoy the best of YouTube and more

Some things look much better on a big screen. That's why our TiVo service lets you enjoy the best of YouTube, all your favourite BBC iPlayer programmes and more on your TV in their full glory.

Want to impress with your music prowess? You can enjoy Spotify on your TiVo service too, giving you direct access to all your playlists, so you'll have all your favourite music streaming through your TV.

What's more, your box has its own up to 10Mb fibre optic broadband connection so it won't slow down your regular broadband service if anyone else at home is online.

Or watch the TV you love on your small screen

If you're a TiVo customer with an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, Android mobile or tablet, you can download our free Virgin TV Anywhere app. It lets you access your TiVo box and manage and record programmes when you're nowhere near your telly, like a supercharged remote control. The tablet version even lets you stream over a hundred live channels, anywhere with WiFi.

More about Virgin TV Anywhere

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