Using TV on the go

Take your TV on the go

Did you know you don’t need to be chained to the sofa to enjoy your favourite programmes? You can take your TV with you, wherever you go with your computer, mobile or tablet.

Want to know more? Then put your feet up and we’ll begin our guided tour.

TV on your computer

Got Virgin TV? Use TV Anywhere to watch great shows live, On Demand TV or manage your TiVo box.

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TV Anywhere on your mobile, tablet or Kindle

Got TiVo®? Enjoy and manage TV on the move with your mobile, tablet or Kindle.

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Sky Movies on your computer

Keep your movies rolling about town with Sky Movies on your laptop or desktop.

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Sky Movies on your mobile or tablet

Got Sky Movies? Then keep the cinema in your pocket with the Sky Movies app.

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Sky Sports on your computer

You can enjoy all your Sky Sports channels on your desktop or laptop on the go.

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Sky Sports on your mobile or tablet

Take the action with you wherever you take your mobile or tablet with the Sky Sports apps.

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