Become a Virgin TV Anywhere pro in no time

It’s easy to use Virgin TV Anywhere. In fact, many of its features are just like the ones you love on your Virgin TV service, so you’ll feel right at home (even if you’re not at home when you’re using it).

Got everything you need?

You can watch live TV on your desktop or laptop, anywhere with WiFi or broadband in the UK. Here’s what to do.

  1. Head over to
  2. You’ll need to sign in using your My Virgin Media username and password. If you don't know them, you can find your details here.
  3. Register your device. (You can register up to two devices).
  4. You’re online and ready to watch!

Please note that if you're a brand new customer you may need to wait up to 24 hours before you can start to use TV Anywhere.

Finding your way around

This is what Virgin TV Anywhere looks like on your computer. Roll your cursor over the yellow bubbles to find out more about each feature.

Click this at any point and it will take you back to the home.
On Now
This will show you all the live TV channels you can watch on Virgin TV Anywhere.
On Demand
Click this to find a show to watch from our massive On Demand and TV Catch Up library.
Our collections are full of our favourite shows. We’ve put them in categories so you can find something based on the types of show you like.
TV Listings
This opens a TV guide so you can see what’s on in the next 14 days.
Manage my TiVo
Here’s where you can see what’s on your TiVo box, delete shows and look at what you’ve set to record.
The Choice Is Yours
See some of our favourite On Demand shows. Click the images to watch or find out more about the show.

Manage sub-accounts

The main account holder can register up to four other people in their home, so in total 5 accounts (including the primary account) can have access to Virgin TV Anywhere. Only two devices can be registered to watch content online and sub-accounts cannot watch content using the app. To register other people, you'll need to set up an account for each of them by following these simple steps:

Step 1

Sign in to My Virgin Media.

Step 2

Select My Profile at the top of the screen.

Step 3

Click the Manage accounts tab.

Step 4

Select View/Change on the right of the name of the person you'd like to add, or Create a new account if they don't have an account yet.

Step 5

Choose what level of access you'd like to give them using the TV Anywhere sliding bar.

If the sub-account is for a child, you can set up parental controls so they can't watch anything inappropriate.

This applies to On Demand content. Live TV shows in general follow normal watershed rules regarding what can be shown during daytime hours.

Step 6

Once you've chosen a setting, click on Update. You’ll see a green tick when your changes have been saved.

Ready to give TV Anywhere a go?

Go to TV Anywhere on your desktop or laptop. And if you’ve got TiVo, download our free app from the App Store, Google Play or Amazon Appstore for Kindles.

Don’t forget, to use the app, you must sign in with your My Virgin Media details.

Don’t have My Virgin Media? Register now

Forgotten your user name or password?

Please note that if you're a brand new customer or a new TiVo customer you may need to wait up to 24 hours before you can start to use TV Anywhere.

So that's what the app looks like. Now let's start watching.    Watching TV Anywhere

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