Catch up with the last seven days

Missed something? No problem. Catch up has BBC iPlayer, ITV, 4oD and Demand 5, so you can watch great TV from the past 7 days. Perfect for catching up with the episode of EastEnders everyone's talking about.

Catch up on your telly or your computer

With Virgin TV, you can watch catch up services that you might usually watch on your computer (like iPlayer, ITV On Demand, 4oD, Demand 5 and Sky On Demand) on your TV. So you can watch anything you’ve missed from the comfort of your sofa and on a much larger screen.

Catch up also includes Series Catch-up on BBC iPlayer, which lets you catch up on a selection of series for more than 7 days after broadcast – so you can watch up to 13 previous episodes of the same show.

You can search by channel, day or genre, and if you have a TiVo box you can even scroll back through your TV guide to watch a show that’s already been on. And the best thing about catch up is that it’s included for all Virgin TV customers.

See what you can watch right now on catch up TV

How to use catch up TV

Catch up using scroll back

Step 1
Press Guide to go to the TV Guide. Select your channel and press the left arrow button to go through the history of shows. You can scroll back through whole days if you like.

Step 2
Shows available as catch up TV are indicated with the ‘C’ catch up symbol.

Step 3
Highlight the show you want and press OK to watch it.

Or catch up through the main menu

Step 1
Press Home on your remote.

Step 2
Select Catch Up.

Step 3
Choose by day, channel, genre or alphabetically.

Step 4
Scroll up or down to find the show you'd like to watch.

Step 5
Press OK to start watching!

Watch a whole series, just like watching an entire Box Set.    Box Sets On Demand

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