Stay connected, anywhere in your home

Your broadband package includes a top of the range wireless 'N' router, so you can connect all your wi-fi devices to the web and to each other.

By devices we mean everything that's wi-fi enabled. That's your computers, your mobiles, your games consoles and maybe even your printer, TV and stereo if they’re new enough.

What can you do without wires?

Forget plugging things in all the time, just sit back and do what you've got to do without moving:

  • Game online anywhere in the house
  • Print stuff wherever you are in the house
  • Get fast broadband on your mobile instead of using 3G
  • Send photos from your mobile to your laptop 
  • Play music from your computer around the house

The Virgin Media wireless router

Let us introduce you to our wireless router. It may be small in size, but this flashy bit of kit certainly packs a punch. It uses the latest 'N' technology to send a strong wireless signal throughout your entire home, so you can connect all your devices wherever you are. And because it's password protected, you don't have to worry about security.

The Virgin Media wireless router - worth £40 - comes included with all our National broadband packages.
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