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Uh oh! We can't install a phone line for you

But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy everything Virgin Media has to offer! It just means we're unable to offer you all our packages.

You get all the basic calling features you need included with Virgin Phone, like free voicemail, Last Number Recall and Number Withhold. And if you need extra privacy or call options, you can choose one feature for just £2.25 a month or create your own bundle of two or more features for just £3.90 a month and add them when you're ready to order your home phone talk plan.

Calling features included in your Virgin Phone talk plan

Last Number Recall

See the number of the person who called you last (charge may apply if you return the call2).

Number Withhold

Keep your number private by dialling 141 before the number you need to call.

Permanent Number Withhold

If you’d like to keep your number permanently private, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to sort that out for you. Or if you just want to hide your number for one call, dial 1470 before the number you’re calling.

Free Voicemail

The free voicemail service available to Virgin Phone customers.

Delete Last Incoming Number

Want to conceal the number of your last incoming call? Just dial 1475.

Add these calling features to your package

Voicemail Plus

Pick up your messages from anywhere, record your own greeting and more.

Call Divert

Divert calls to another number, so you never miss a call, even if you’re out.

Ring Back When Free

Got the engaged tone? Set up an automatic call to ring you back when the line is free.

Quick Dial

The perfect shortcut to calling your friends and family, and no need to remember their numbers.

Call Waiting

Tells you if someone else is calling when you’re already on the phone.

Three Way Calling

Three of you can chat at the same time. Perfect for catching up with family or friends.

Caller Display

See who’s calling before you decide to answer the phone.

Premium Number Barring

Stop international or premium numbers being dialled from your phone and avoid any scary bills.

Reminder Call

Got an early morning start or something you don’t want to forget? Use the reminder call.

How do I get it?

New customers

You can add all the extra calling features you like when you buy your phone talk plan.

Choose your talk plan

Existing customers

To add calling features, just give us a call:

You can call us free on 150 from your Virgin Media home phone or on 0345 454 1111 from any other phone. See calling cost information.

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