Moving home - your simple 4 step guide

Moving home - your simple 4 step guide

1. Start: Let us know you're moving

Just call our team for free on 150 from your Virgin Media home phone or mobile and select option 5, or on 0845 141 0111* from any other phone. Make sure you have the following details handy:

  • Your old address
  • Your new address
  • Your moving date
  • Your account number (you’ll find this on your bill)

Click the arrow below to see what else you should know before you call.

What you need to know before you call

Can I take my services to my new address? We hope so because we really want you to stay with us. Our cable covers more places than you might think. One of our Movers Advisors will check your new address and explain your options to you.

How much notice should I give? The earlier you tell us you’re moving, the more likely we can offer your preferred installation day. We strongly recommend contacting us around 6 weeks before you move. If you leave it any later, you may have to wait (if only for a few days) for your services to be installed.

What details do I need to give Virgin Media before I move? To make your move run super smoothly, just have the following information at hand before you give us a call:

  • Your old address 
  • Your new address 
  • Your moving date 
  • Account number (you can find this on your bill)

Is moving my Virgin Media services difficult? Not at all. Moving home can be tricky, but taking Virgin Media with you isn’t. We’ll transfer your email address, billing and other details over to your new account and send out one of our friendly technicians to install your services free of charge. The only thing you need to worry about is where you want the TV to go.

Will I have to sign a new contract? Yes, but that’s good news because you can take advantage of our latest offers.

What if I’m moving to a temporary address? No problem. Just ask your Movers Advisor how we can help.

What happens to my Direct Debit details, eBilling registration and My Virgin Media account? Relax, they all stay the same.

Can I keep my phone number? That depends on the exchange your new address is linked to. If you’re not moving far, it shouldn’t be a problem. Your Movers Advisor will confirm this when you call us to arrange your move.

Can I keep my email address and webspace? Yes, of course. We’ll transfer both over to your new account on the day you move.

8 great reasons to take us with you

We know you won’t want to live without your Virgin Media services in your new home. That’s why we make moving quick and easy.

We'll install everything in one go

Just one visit from a friendly Virgin Media technician and you’re ready to go. Only Virgin Media can do that.

Installation won't cost a penny

We charge new customers £49.95 for installation, but we’ll do it for you absolutely free.

We'll make sure you're on the best package

When you move, we’ll review your services and tell you which of our current offers might suit you best. If we can save you money, we will.

Keep your kit

Simply pack up your stuff and take it with you.

Keep your recordings

If you’ve got Virgin TV, all your recordings move with you. So you can catch up with Corrie when you want a break from DIY.

Keep your email addresses

They'll move with you, too, so you can still email everybody about your housewarming party.

We'll give you a handy 'Movers Checklist'

You know that nagging feeling when you think you’ve forgotten to do something? Our checklist makes it a thing of the past.

Download our Movers Checklist

Pocket £50 just for recommending us

If the person that moves into your old home takes Virgin Media services, we’ll give them free installation and we’ll give you £50. Or you can recommend friends and family and get the same deal. Happy days.

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