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Enjoy superfast broadband with DOCSIS® 3 technology.

Our customers have been streaming, downloading, gaming and emailing their socks off, using a breathtaking 50% more data this year. Your speed boost will keep up the pace, giving you the speed that keeps you in love with being online. It’s all thanks to DOCSIS® 3 technology – it’s the magic in our cables.

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Everyone can be online at once with DOCSIS® 3 technology

With your increased speed, you can see more, do more and have more fun. Stream videos in glorious HD on YouTube, listen to your favourite tunes on Spotify and download game updates – all while the kids are watching On Demand in HD.

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You don't have to do a thing - faster broadband speeds are heading your way, or even with you already (well, like our broadband we don't hang about). And if you fancy some inspiration on getting the most out of broadband at the speed of life, check out the films above.

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