Setting the record straight

Let’s not beat around the bush here, we know there’s a lot of nonsense flying around about how we compare to other broadband, TV and phone providers. And it’s not helping anyone get the great services they really want. So we’ve decided to set the record straight.

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The box bamboozle

Reckon the Sky+HD box has more going for it than our TiVo® box? Find out just how wrong you are and prepare to fall in love with TiVo.

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The channel conspiracy

Heard the one about us not having cracking Sky channels? Well guess what – it’s not true!

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The big broadband bluff

Broadband is broadband right? Not so. Find out why ours wins awards (we got 4 last year) and what Ofcom have to say.

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The switching sham

Apparently it’s hard to switch to Virgin Media… oh the lies! It’s really very easy.

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