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Protect your phone from theft, loss or damage

Enjoy your new phone, worry free. Virgin Media have teamed up with Asurion to bring you great, low-cost phone insurance with Virgin Media Protect.

Simply sign up for Virgin Media Protect when you take any Pay Monthly phone and you’ll be comprehensively covered. Plus you have the added bonus of a next day replacement1. Find out what other awesome stuff you could get below.

Oh, and just so you know, Virgin Media Protect is administered by Asurion Europe Limited. The insurer is Liberty Mutual Insurance Europe Limited.

If you’re already a Virgin Media Protect customer who bought after November 17th 2014, you can find your T&Cs below.

Great cover

You're covered against loss, theft, damage and breakdown outside warranty, both in the UK and worldwide – just make sure to report it to us within 30 days. Your replacement phone2 can be sent to any UK address and comes with a 24-month warranty. We'll also include a pre-paid envelope for you to send back your damaged or faulty phone. You'll need to return it within 15 days of receiving your replacement3.

Quick replacements

It's super quick. Virgin Media Protect offers guaranteed next-day replacement1 for your phone when your claim's accepted before 7.30pm Monday to Friday, and 2.30pm on Sundays. If you claim on Saturday, you'll get it on the Monday. If your replacement's delayed you'll get a one-off payment of £20 to your bank account. Pretty good, right?.

Low cost premiums

Monthly premiums and excesses depend on the value of your phone, and we'll tell you what it costs when you sign up for your mobile. There are four tiers and they all give the same awesome comprehensive cover:

  • £2 with a £20 excess
  • £4 with a £40 excess
  • £6 with a £60 excess
  • £8 with an £80 excess

How to claim

Before you do anything if your phone is lost or stolen, make sure you call Virgin Media on 0345 6000 789* to get it blocked (or +44 7953 967 967 if you're abroad) Also don't forget that we recommend to report any stolen phones to the police, so you’ll get a crime reference number.

What next?

It’s easy, just give the Virgin Media Protect team a call on 0345 030 3291 to make a claim. Please remember to have a payment card ready to pay your claim excess fee. Don't forget, you can only make a maximum of two successful claims in 12 months.

Bought your phone before November 17th 2014?

If you got your phone contract before November 17th, you can get the lowdown on your phone insurance right here. Easy.

Virgin Media Protect FAQs

Getting insurance

How much does it cost?
If you bought your cover from November 17th, your insurance premium will be £2, £4, £6 or £8 a month, depending on the value of your phone when you bought it.
Can I buy insurance at any time?
You can only purchase phone insurance at the time you buy your phone. Sorry.
Can I cancel my insurance any time?
Yes. And your cover will finish at the end of the paid period. Just email, or call 0845 604 88464.

Making a claim

If my phone breaks, can you repair it?
Sorry, that's not an option. But better than that, if your phone breaks it will be replaced with a refurbished or new one instead. A phone of the same make and model, or as close to this as possible, will be delivered to you the next day1. All refurbished phones come with a 24-month warranty.
Can I cancel my claim if I find my phone?

Absolutely! You can cancel any time. If you refuse delivery of your replacement phone, it'll be returned and the excess fee refunded.

If you find your phone after you've received your replacement, you'll need to return the original phone. To return it, simply pop it in the prepaid envelope you got with your replacement and make sure you ask for proof of postage at the Post Office (which is free). This means you're covered if anything happens to it in the post.

My replacement phone isn't working. What now?
If you're having trouble with your replacement phone, just call 0845 604 88464.
What is an IMEI number and how can I find it?
You need this to complete your claim form. Can't find it? Type *#06# into your phone and press the call key. You can also find the IMEI printed on the back of the phone. Or just underneath the battery if it's removable.
What happens if I miss the delivery of my replacement phone?
There'll be two attempts at delivery of your replacement. After that, you'll have to get in touch with DPD, the courier, to rearrange delivery. But don’t worry it's easy.
Will my replacement phone be the same as my original phone?
Like-for-like replacement of your original phone is a priority. But, if it isn't possible, an alternative make or model with similar features will be sent to you.
Will my replacement phone be brand new?
You'll get a phone that's refurbished to top standards. There's no 'new for old' guarantee though.
How does my replacement phone work?

If you'd like to know more about your new phone, or you've been sent a different model that's got new features and functions, you'll find everything you need to know here.

If you're having trouble getting started or need a little extra help, feel free to get in touch.

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