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It’s not all about our great value deals and flexible plans. We keep you connected at home, at work, and on holiday with fast 4G and free WiFi. Just more reasons why you’ll love being a part of Virgin Mobile.


Focus on your tan, not your
mobile data plan - roaming on Virgin Mobile

  • Use your Virgin Mobile phone in over 170 countries
  • Get great value on your data with our EU Travel Passes
  • Enjoy cheap calls and texts back home in over 30 EU countries
  • Spending caps help you stay in control of your data outside the EU

Want to use mobile data within the EU?


Our Travel Passes get you online for less than you might expect

When in Rome (or anywhere else in the EU), use the internet on your mobile like a local with our great value data Travel Passes. Our Travel Passes give you a useful bundle of data to use while abroad in the EU. And unlike some providers, our Travel Passes last a whole 30 days, so you could be covered for your whole trip.

See how much data you have remaining on your Travel Pass by texting the word STATUS to 23456 for free. Travel Passes are our only way to use mobile data when in the EU, saving you money and making it impossible to ever run up an unexpected bill in the EU.

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Pick up one of our great value EU data Travel Passes

Arrived at your holiday destination? Simply text BUY and the size of your preferred EU data Travel Pass (10MB, 50MB, or 250MB) to 23456 from your Virgin Mobile phone and we’ll get your EU Travel Pass set up before you’ve even left the airport.

Want to make calls and texts within the EU?


Enjoy cheap calls and texts home from your mobile in the EU

Take Virgin Mobile on your EU hols and enjoy low-cost calls and texts to UK mobiles while sunning yourself on the beach.

Calls to UK mobiles and landlines from the EU start from just 4p a minute, and texts cost just 1p each to send. While you’re exploring the EU you can receive calls and texts absolutely free, and you can even pick up your voicemails at no cost.

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See the 30 countries we’ve got covered within Europe

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Republic of Cyprus



Czech Republic













Travelling outside of the EU?

We help you plan your mobile costs before you travel

Want to use your phone in areas outside of the EU? No problem. You can use your Virgin Mobile phone in over 170 non-EU countries.

We make it easy to discover exactly how much your calls, texts, and mobile data will cost in non-EU countries. These costs vary from country to country, so it’s worth getting clued-up before you go to avoid unexpected bills when you get home from your adventure.

See roaming charges and coverage in non-EU countries >

No alarms and no surprises with our data caps

We help you avoid unexpected mobile bills by capping your data use when roaming in non-EU countries to a maximum of £36.

After the £36 cap we’ll send you a text message asking if you’d like to continue using mobile data. If so, just give us a quick call and we’ll remove the cap so you can continue browsing, surfing, and posting selfies to social media.

Want to learn more about using Virgin Mobile abroad?

We’ve put together a handy guide explaining how to use your Virgin Mobile phone abroad, what to do before you go, and what to expect from our great value EU Travel Passes.

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Already a customer? Here's how to use Virgin Mobile abroad

Before you go

Set up your service

Register or log in to Your Account to make sure you’re set up. If not, just call 789 from your mobile or 0345 6000 789* from any other phone.

If you Pay Monthly and you’ve been with us for less than 3 months, we may ask you to pay a £50 deposit. If you Pay As You Go, you’re good to go.

Check your coverage

If you Pay As You Go, you can use your phone in over 100 countries. Pay Monthly? It’s over 200.

Check your phone

Most phones will work anywhere, but you’ll need a triband or quadband phone for countries like USA and Canada, so it works on their network. Check your phone’s instruction manual to find out if your phone is eligible.

Set up a voicemail PIN

If you Pay Monthly, set up a voicemail PIN so you can pick up voicemail while you’re away. Just dial your voicemail and follow the instructions.

When you get there

Getting started

As soon as you arrive, switch on your phone and you’ll automatically connect to one of our partner networks. If you receive a text message saying PERS – just ignore it – it’s just us making sure you’re on the best network.

Can’t connect? Try these tips to give your phone a helping hand.

  • Turn your phone off and then back on again
  • Go into your phone settings and manually select a network
  • Try removing your phone’s battery while it’s still switched on – this helps reboot it and find a local network

Making a phone call

Making calls back to the UK? Drop the 0 and add +44 (e.g +447953 967 967). Calling people within the country? Drop the 0 and add the country code.

What you pay for:

  • You’ll pay to receive calls, as well as make them
  • Friends in the UK will pay the standard UK rate to call you

Picking up your voicemail

Dial your voicemail in the same way as in the UK. Interrupt your voicemail greeting by pressing # and enter your PIN. In some countries the voicemail symbol won’t appear, so if you’re expecting a message then it’s a good idea to keep checking.

What you pay for:

  • In the EU, you’ll only pay to listen to your messages
  • Outside the EU, you’ll pay to receive the message and to listen to it

Getting online

It’s easy to stay connected. In the EU you’ll need a Travel Pass. Elsewhere, just access the internet as normal (but don’t forget the costs of getting online abroad are different from the costs at home).

We’ve got three Travel Passes:

  • 10MB - £0.35
  • 50MB - £1.50
  • 250MB - £5

To get a Travel Pass, just text BUY plus the name of the pass you’d like to 23456 (e.g. ‘BUY 10MB’). They last for 30 days and start straight away, so only buy one when you’re ready to use it. You can also check how much data you’ve got left as you go along by texting STATUS to 23456, free of charge.

What you pay for:

  • Browsing online

Connecting to WiFi

Using data while you’re abroad won’t cost the earth if you’re just checking the football scores or sending an email, but it could get pricey if you start watching videos or listening to music. Your hotel or a nearby café should have WiFi – often for free!

How to connect to a WiFi hotspot >

Topping up

Love to Pay As You Go and registered your credit or debit card with us? You can top up abroad in 2 easy ways:

  • By text – send the amount (£5 - £50 in multiples of £5), the last 6 digits of your card and the last 3 digits of the security number (or 4 for American Express) on the back to 789 222
  • By phone – call 789 and have your card handy

Trust our texts

We want you to come home with lots of happy memories, not nasty surprises. That’s why we set a £36 limit for mobile web when you’re outside the EU.

We’ll text you when you reach £28 to let you know you’re approaching your limit, and again to tell you you’ve reached your £36 limit. Of course, if you want to use more, you can. We’ll tell you how in our texts.

Message for free

Sending a text costs 1p from the EU or 30p and potentially more from anywhere else (getting them is free). Save pennies for more exciting things by finding a WiFi hotspot, then you can email, or use an instant messaging app like WhatsApp or Skype to message your friends for free.

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