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Apple iPhone 4s 8GB White

iPhone 4s has a 3.5-inch Retina display, an 8-megapixel iSight camera with 1080p HD video recording, a FaceTime camera, and long battery life. And with iOS 7 and iCloud, it does more than ever.

  • 3.5-inch Retina display
  • A5 chip
  • 8-megapixel iSight camera
  • 1080p HD video recording
  • FaceTime camera
  • Over 900,000 apps on the App Store1
  • iOS 7 - The mobile OS from a whole new perspective
  • iCloud - Your content on all your devices

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Save a packet on Pay As You Go

We’ve got two great value tariffs to go with your phone, each with oodles of minutes or texts.

£349 Including a £10 top up and free delivery. Buy now
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Get great rates and Big rewards when you top up

Our best value Pay As You Go tariffs are simple and packed full of goodies. Once you’ve got your phone and topped up for the first time, you can switch from our Starter tariff to Big Talk or Big Data & Texts. Each tariff gives you great rates for calls, texts and data.

But here’s the best bit – top up with at least £10, and we’ll reward you with minutes, texts or data to use the following month. Easy peasy. And the other great thing is that these rewards won’t come out of your credit.

Take a peek at our tariffs below and see what suits you best.

Keep your number. Get 100 free minutes.

Once you've bought your SIM, ask your current provider for your PAC code and call us on 789 from your Virgin Mobile. We'll transfer your number in one working day and give you 100 free minutes to any UK network. Sweet!

Big Data & Texts

Text to your heart's content and do more of what you love online with Big Data and Texts.

£10 top up

£15 top up


£10 to use outside of your rewards

£15 to use outside of your rewards

2Reward texts



2Reward data



2Reward texts and data are applied from the 1st of the calendar month following your top up, and last all month.

Big Talk

Known for your nattering? Get unlimited minutes to UK landlines and a load of minutes to UK mobiles with Big Talk.


£10 top up

£15 top up


£10 to use outside of your rewards

£15 to use outside of your rewards

2Reward texts



2Reward calls

Unlimited minutes to landlines and 120 minutes to UK mobiles

Unlimited minutes to landlines and 120 minutes to mobiles

2Reward texts and data are applied from the 1st of the calendar month following your top up, and last all month.

Costs outside your rewards

Big Data & Texts / Big Talk


35p per minute


26p per call


12p per text


£1 per day for 100MB within the UK on days that you access the internet from your phone. Any use above 100MB will be charged at £1 per 100MB thereafter.

Getting started

Once you've popped your SIM card in your phone, here’s how to get your extras.

Top up

Top up at least £10 online, by voucher or by E Top-Up card, wherever you see the green top up sign. Any phone you buy online will come loaded with a lovely £10 credit.

Choose your tariff

Call 789 and press 3 to choose Big Data & Texts or Big Talk.
If you already have Virgin Broadband, TV or home phone, you can get unlimited minutes to other Virgin Mobile phones – just text your Virgin Media home phone number or account number to 789444.

Instant bonus!

Enjoy a little bonus on us. We’ll give you an extra load of rewards 48 hours after you’ve topped up and opted in to a tariff.

Top up for next month’s rewards

To get your goodies next month, you’ll need to top up £10 or more before the end of the month – even if you’ve still got credit. Once that’s done we’ll add your extras on the 1st of the next month.

Until you switch to a Big tariff you'll be on our Starter tariff:

  • 100MB for £1 a day
  • 15p a text to any UK mobile
  • 40p a minute to any UK mobile or landline (including voicemail)

Costs outside your tariff

If you use your phone for calls, texts or data outside your tariff, these are the charges that'll apply. They'll come out of the airtime (£10 or £15) you top up with.

Why choose us?

We use EE, the UK’s largest mobile network, so you can enjoy clear reception almost anywhere.
Check your signal strength.

Got your mobile number memorised to a tee? We can transfer your numberto your new phone in one working day. Just call your current provider and get your PAC code, then call us free on 789 from your new mobile.

Save oodles of cash with SmartCall, our great little app for using your home phone talk plan on your mobile. All you need is a smartphone, a Virgin Phone talk plan and a working WiFi connection! Find out more.

With our 14 day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee you can return your iPhone for a full refund or replacement – we'll even send you the envelope to post it in.

Got a problem with your phone? Don’t sweat it. As long as you're in warranty we should be able to repair your device or replace it free of charge. See what's covered.

Can’t wait to get your iPhone? We’ll courier it to you the next day for free if you order by 7pm. Or cherry pick a delivery date in the next 21 days.
We deliver every day but Sunday, with no charge for Saturday delivery.

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