Clever thinkers

Meet KAZAM. They’re new, they’re small but they mean business!

KAZAM don’t just make phones – they want to make your everyday experience awesome. Innovators in the mobile world, they like to question everything. And because the world is made up of individuals, they believe in a way more personal approach.

Here at Virgin Media, we love KAZAM’s pioneering spirit and willingness to take on the big boys. Like us, they’re always seeing opportunities to improve things and being a little cheeky here and there.

Ambitious and optimistic for the future, KAZAM are trailblazers, being creative in areas other brands have overlooked, saying yes to cool, smart everyday solutions – and saying yes to great technology at awesome prices. We like.

So what do you get with KAZAM?

3 year warranty*

Where other brands offer a two year warranty, KAZAM know their phones are good quality, so they offer a whopping three years. We’d say that’s a pretty neat deal.

2 years warranty as standard. Receive an extra year's warranty when you register your device at and download 3 of the KAZAM recommends apps.

Free screen replacement

KAZAM screens are tough and durable, but those butter finger moments will always happen. Thankfully KAZAM knows this, and that’s why they offer a free screen replacement the first time it happens, within the first year. That’s one less brand-new phone worry, eh?

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