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The LG G4

The LG G4 has a 5" subtly curved screen with IPS Quantum Display Quad HD, a 16MP front camera with laser autofocus and colour spectrum sensor all for superior, ultra-realistic photographs. Dreamy.

Available in Metallic Grey

Swanky design

Stand out design – want a phone that’s unique and stands out from the crowd? You got it.

Easy to hold – the textured hammered-array pattern on the back adds style and class while making the G4 easy to grip. No more butter fingers! The Slim Arc Design also means the phone is slightly curved to fit more naturally in your hand.

Easy access – take off the back case and you can easily get to the removable battery. Carry a spare and you’ll never be out of juice.

More memory – even with all this, there’s still room for a MicroSD card slot, so if you want to add more memory it’s easy!


Awesome images – the 5.5” IPS Quantum Display produces high-contrast, vibrant, rich images, that never look fake. Plus the 2560 x 1440 Quad HD resolution gives sharpness and details to your videos, photos and browsing.

Colour pop – you’ll never have to worry about the 16M colours losing their punch when you’re outside in the sun.

In-Cell Touch Display technology – you get a smooth and responsive feel when using apps and browsing.


Quality cameras

Professional quality – your main camera is 16MP with a F1.8 lens. Put those together and you get quality photos, with clarity and detail.

Moving images – laser detection auto-focus lets you take quick, clear pics even of moving objects.

Good pics in bad light – infrared Colour Spectrum Sensor gives you natural, vivid colours in your photos even in dim light.

Take control – Manual Mode gives you full control of all the settings to get the results you want. Get involved with Shutter Speed, Exposure, White Balance, Auto-Exposure Lock, ISO, Level Gauge, RAW & JPED, Manual Focus, Light Trail Effect.

Super selfies – no more blurred selfies! Your 8MP front camera with Gesture Shot makes it easy to trigger them using hand movements.

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