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Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo

• 5.1-inch FHD Super AMOLED display   • New EXYNOS 1.6 GHz Oct-core processor   • 16 megapixel camera   • Dust and water resistant

Focused photos in a flash

The S5 Neo makes sure you always get the snap you want – with the fastest auto focus any smartphone has seen. Perfect for catching every action shot.

Top end tech

With the amazing technology in this 16 MP camera, you’ll never leave your subjects in the shade. Bright sunshine and strong counterlights fade away when you turn on HDR, flushing your photos and videos with natural light and colour.

And you can make your subject stand out even more with selective focus – just blur the background in a jiffy.

Pocket personal trainer

Want to keep an eye on your fitness without the gym fees – you’ve got it! The S5 Neo comes with S Health accessories, including health and life-coach apps. You can track what you’ve eaten, your weight, stress levels and even monitor your heart rate.

What’s more if you like to walk and talk, S Health will keep track of your distance, calories burned, speed and duration.

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