What will calls cost?

Here are our call charges for within the UK and abroad. On Pay Monthly, BlackBerry® or Liberty SIM, these charges will kick in if you use all of your airtime before the month's over, or if you call numbers that aren’t included in your tariff.

Pay Monthly & SIM Only on or after 21 July 2010

Roaming Call Charges

Mobile Broadband

Pay Monthly & SIM Only

For customers signing up to a new tariff on or after 21 July 2010. Not sure when you signed up? Check your e-bill. If you signed up on or after 21 July 2010 your bill will refer to your monthly package as ‘PM_V’ if you are a contract or BlackBerry® customer or ‘PM_VM’ if you’re a Liberty SIM customer.

UK call costs

Calls to landlines 1, Virgin Mobiles2, Other network mobiles, and Groupcall

40p per minute

Calls to Freephone numbers

21p per minute

Text to all UK network mobiles2

15p per text

Minimum call charge

A one minute minimum call duration applies


These are our costs for UK calls. There is no difference between off-peak or peak times, call rates always remain the same. We will not charge for the freephone numbers of charities and helplines listed on our website. After any minimum call charge that applies our calls are billed per second and our charges are rounded up to the nearest penny.

Other call costs

Voicemail retrieval

Included within your minutes allowance, free thereafter.

Picture messages to all UK2 networks


Personal numbers (0700,0701,0702,0703,0704, 0705,0706,0707,0708,0709,0760,0762,0764,0766,0767,0768)

From 41p to £1.50 per minute

SMS to personal numbers - 15p per message

Pre-recorded information (789 from a Virgin Mobile phone)


Our team via 789


Directory enquiries3 on 118 918

From 75p per minute

National toll rate numbers (0870, 0871, 0844)4, 6

41p per minute

Local toll rate numbers (0845)6

41p per minute

Calls to satellite phones

£6.00 per minute

Calls to the charities and helplines listed here


Video calls to Virgin Mobiles

40p per minute

Video calls to other network mobiles

40p per minute

Handset unlocking fee


SIM replacement charge


Refundable deposit (if required)


Paper billing charge (if applicable)

£1.50 per month


Premium Rate Numbers

Premium rate calls (090) 4,6

From 50p to £2.25 per min


From 50p to £2.50 per call

Call our team on 789 from your Virgin Mobile phone

X factor

0901 61 61 101-12

65p per call

Strictly Come Dancing

0901 522 2001-14

70p per call

I'm a Celebrity

0901 32 32 01-12

80p per call



Browsing the mobile web

£1 per day for unlimited usage* within the UK only on days that you access the internet from your phone.

Tariffs with inclusive data

If you exceed the data included in your tariff you will move onto our daily rate for data as set out above.


Pricing available at point of sale. Example pricing is:

Music tracks - £1.50
Videos - £1 - £1.50
Tones - £2.50 - £3.50
Pics/Animations - £2
Games - £1.50 - £5.00

BlackBerry Web Access

Use of BlackBerry email, BlackBerry messenger, BlackBerry Apps or Internet Browsing is included in the fair use allowance of 50MB per day.


Calling abroad from the UK*

The Republic of Ireland7

60p per minute

USA & Canada, Australia & New Zealand7

90p per minute

Europe, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea & Taiwan7

90p per minute

Rest of the world7

£1.50 per minute

International text messages (free to receive)8

30p per text

International premium rate calls

£6.13 per minute

Minimum call charge

A one minute minimum call duration applies

* Includes calls to foreign landlines and mobile phones. Our calls are billed per second and our charges are rounded to the nearest penny. A minimum call charge of one minute applies.

Need the dialling code for a country?

View a list of countries you can text

Off on holiday? You can check out the call charges for making and receiving calls while you're abroad here.

Mobile Broadband

Here's how much it costs to use Mobile Broadband in the UK and abroad. Don't forget you can send and receive texts, too.


Costs within the UK

Cost per GB outside of the monthly inclusive allowance

£15 per GB

Text to UK mobiles and landlines

10p per text

Text to overseas mobiles and landlines

20p per text


Costs outside the UK

From within the European Union, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Switzerland:

30-day, 10MB Travel Pass £1.50

Text 'BUY 10MB' to 23456


30-day, 50MB Travel Pass £6

Text 'BUY 50MB' to 23456


30-day, 250MB Travel Pass £20

Text 'BUY 250MB' to 23456

All other regions:

£5 per MB


Texts when abroad:

From within the European Union, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Switzerland: 8p a text

All other regions: 35p a text



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