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If you haven’t discovered apps yet, you’re in for a treat. Smartphones are so hi-tech that there’s an app for almost anything – from simple voice recorders to sat-nav systems for your car.

What’s an app then?

Think of apps as computer programs for your mobile. App is just a shorter way of saying ‘application’.

Your new smartphone will come with several apps built-in (like email, web browser and maps, for example). But the real fun comes from downloading other cool apps from the web directly to your phone. Many are free; others you’ll have to pay for.

Get app happy

Apps are really easy to install. Usually it’s as simple as searching for one you like from the hundreds of thousands that are available on your phone’s app store (such as Google Play, BlackBerry World or the Windows Phone Store), then selecting ‘download’.

Whether it’s to share stuff with friends, keep yourself entertained on the train or manage your to-do list, mobile apps are a fantastic way to customise your smartphone. Once you discover them, you’ll wonder how you lived without them.

Virgin Media apps – all free to download!

For managing your account

My Account (Android & iPhone)

Take control of your account while you’re on the move. Quickly and easily see how many minutes and how much data you’ve got left each month. It’s the essential app for all Virgin Mobile customers and it’s free to download.

  • See how many minutes and texts you have left in your allowance
  • Check your internet data usage
  • View your recent charges
  • Check your latest bill amount or balance
  • Top up or pay your bill

Get the My Account app on your Android phone 

Get the My Account app on your iPhone

For finding a hotspot
WiFi Buddy (Android)

WiFi Buddy remembers what network you’ve connected to and automatically connects you the next time you’re in range. You can even see how much data you’ve saved!

And some of our favourite third party apps

For people with kids
Famigo Sandbox
(Android and iPhone)
Worried that your little one will get hold of your mobile (or tablet) and spend, spend, spend? Sandbox finds the best education and kid-friendly apps while blocking access to anything you’d rather they didn’t see. No more accidental ad clicks, in-app purchases or unsupervised surfing. We think that’s pretty clever.

For people with busy lives
Evernote (Android & iPhone)
If you’re the sort of person who wishes there were more hours in a day, this app’s for you. It takes notes, captures photos, creates to-do lists and records voice reminders to make your life seem that little bit easier and more productive. It’s like having your own PA on your smartphone.

For showing off your creativity
Instagram (Android and iPhone)
Instagram makes it easy to take stylish and professional-looking photos on your phone. Choose from loads of cool filter effects to make everyday moments look like works of art, then share them with friends online.

For keeping you entertained
Football Manager Handheld
™ (Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile)
Fancy yourself as the next Sir Alex Ferguson? Now’s your chance to prove it. Don your managerial tracksuit and take control of transfers, training and tactics as you try to guide your club to glory – from your bedroom, the bus or wherever.

For keeping in touch
WhatsApp (Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile)
This messenger app lets you send texts, pictures, audio and video to friends at no cost (you’ll have to pay 69p for the app though). It’s perfect for text addicts and it even works abroad if you can find a WiFi connection – so you can message your mates without getting charged.

For finding your way home
National Rail Enquiries
(Android and iPhone)
Tell this app about the train journeys you make most often and it'll remember them in future. It also has live departure times so you'll know what platform your train departs from.

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