Here’s what happens next

Just ordered your Pay Monthly phone? We’ll keep you up to date with everything that’s happening with your order – until you have your shiny new mobile in your hand. Here’s what to expect.

1. A confirmation email thanking you for your order

It’ll tell you exactly what you’ve bought and your order reference number, which you should keep handy just in case you need to speak to us.

2. An email when your phone is on its way

Time to get excited.

3. An email telling you what you’ve got to look forward to

We want you to know about the perks of joining Virgin Mobile. This email will also tell you how to sign up for Your Account, the online area where you can manage everything to do with your new mobile service.

4. A text when your phone is out for delivery

If you’ve given us your mobile number, Yodel, our delivery partners, will text you to tell you your phone is out for delivery. Time to get very excited.

5. An email about how to view your bill online

OK, not so exciting, but useful nonetheless.

6. Your new phone will arrive


It’ll come with an invoice – keep this in a safe place. We’ll also send you a guide to getting the most out of your new phone and, unless you chose not to take out our insurance, a copy of your insurance policy booklet.

Got your phone in your hand? Let's get you up and running.    Set up your mobile

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