Switching to Virgin Media

Joining Virgin Mobile really is easier than you think – because we do most of the work for you. In fact, by following these four simple steps you could switch in just one day.

Treat yourself to a new mobile

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Wave goodbye to your current provider

If you’re with another provider and your contract period has ended, it’s time to say adios. Give them a call and tell them you’d like to cancel your contract. But before you hang up, ask them for your PAC code. You’ll need this if you want to transfer your number to your new mobile.

If you’re still under contract, you can still leave your old provider, but you might need to pay a termination fee for them to release you. But hurry, the PAC code is only valid for 30 days.

Get your phone unlocked

You only need to do this if you’re keeping your old mobile.

Call your existing network and tell them you want to switch. You may need to give them one month's notice and pay an unlocking fee, but even then you could be better off.

Your provider will give you an unlock code. When you put your new SIM into your phone and switch it on, it’ll ask for your code. Type it into your phone. A couple of seconds later, your phone will be unlocked and ready to go.

Transfer your number

If you’d like to transfer your number to Virgin Media, just have your PAC code and the number you’d like to keep handy and give us a call on 0345 6000 789*. We’ll fix a date with your old provider and let you know when it will be transferred (it usually takes one day to move the number over once the date is fixed)

Unfortunately we can’t switch numbers over the weekend or bank holidays.

Read our handy hints to transferring your number.    Keep your number

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