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Stay secure online with F-Secure SAFE

Protect your family’s online world with F-Secure SAFE free for 12 months (worth £79.99) and then just £25 a year. You can shop online, watch videos, listen to music and keep in touch with family and friends safe in the knowledge that F-Secure SAFE is helping protect you over all your devices, all of the time

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Key features

F-Secure SAFE helps keeps you and your family protected online from all manner of threats and internet nasties. It’s the lowest cost security offering, with the most features available from a major mobile provider and it’s free for 12 months with Virgin Mobile! Here are some of the key features that will keep you safe as houses.

Virus protection

Helps keep your devices safe from viruses, trojans, ransomware and spyware with award-winning antivirus technology.

Browsing and banking protection

Helps you explore the internet and handle your online shopping and banking safely and without worries.

Remembers your passwords

Create unique, clever passwords automatically with F-Secure KEY Premium, allowing you to sign in on all your devices with a quick tap.

Family protection

Set boundaries and block access to websites based on that site’s content, and manage your kids’ screen time.

Anti-theft protection

Lets you locate, lock and wipe your IOS or Android device remotely (wiping all your photos and contact info), if it goes missing.

App scanner

Scans all apps on your Android mobile or tablet and lets you know which apps are invading your privacy, so you can decide whether to use them or not.

How it works

F-Secure SAFE is free for 12 months for Virgin Mobile customers and setting it up online is quick and simple. Just follow these three steps…


Register for free (with no credit or debit card details required) using the Virgin Mobile F-Secure registration page (which will lead you to the F-Secure site) and download the app.


Install F-Secure SAFE on your mobile, tablet or desktop to help protect against viruses, malware and phishing sites.


The app will let you know about any threats it has prevented. After 12 months you can continue your protection for a 70% discounted price (only £25 for 5 device protection).


It’s not just us that thinks F-Secure is great, check out their top industry awards…


You can get F-Secure Safe with all our Virgin Mobile plans

Enjoy flexibility on our great network

99% 4G population coverage

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Faster 4G on average than O2, Vodafone and Three

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Spending Caps – a safety buffer for your plan

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Data Rollover: keep unused data

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Flexible plans – change your 4G plan up or down every month

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Here’s what our customers asked about F-Secure SAFE

Is F-Secure SAFE available to all Virgin Mobile customers?
PAYM, SIMO and PAYG customers can all take advantage of the 12 months free internet security offer worth £79.99. Current Virgin Media fibre customer who already have F-Secure, will not be able to take part in this promotion. The 12 months free period is only available once per Virgin Media customer.
Do I need to add any debit or credit card details at the point of signing up for the free trial?
No. When signing up for the free trial, we’ll just need your name and e-mail address and you can get all the F-Secure SAFE benefits. At the end of 12 months, you’ll have the option to make the payment of £25 for an additional 12 months protection (saving you £54.99 off the normal price).
How many devices can I protect with one account?
You can protect up to 5 devices including mobiles, tablets and laptops as part of this offer. However, you can purchase additional licenses protecting up to 25 devices for an additional cost.
Is there a restriction on the number of times I can switch the device I am protecting?
No. There is no restriction on the number of times you can adjust your selected device. You can also invite your family members to protect their devices from your My F-Secure account.
What happens to my F-Secure SAFE at the end of the 12 month trial?
After your free period ends, you can buy an F-Secure SAFE subscription for just £25 a year – that’s an annual saving of £54.99, exclusively for our customers.


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