Why you’ll love Virgin Mobile

All our Pay Monthly phones and SIMs come on our amazing flexible 4G plans. Not only that, they also feature a wealth of extras that’ll give you more control over your mobile than ever before…

Setting up Spending Caps on your Virgin Mobile phone

Learn more about Virgin Mobile Spending Caps and how to set them up either online or through the Virgin Mobile app.


Spending caps – a safety buffer for your plan

  • Quickly set a spending cap for calls, texts and data outside your allowance
  • Peace of mind that you won't overspend on extra use
  • Set spending caps for you and everyone in your household


Peace of mind you won't overspend

Whether you're out of data for the month and need to get online to watch the match, or you want to vote on your favourite reality show, our spending caps help you take control of costs outside your mobile plan's allowance. Set up a cap now, and you can make sure there are no nasty surprises lurking in your next bill.

If you have more than one Pay Monthly plan with us, you can easily add individual spending caps to those as well. It's perfect for when the kids really, really need to check their Insta (or want a lift home) – and it means everyone can keep tabs on what they're spending. Call it a little safety net, for some extra peace of mind.


So how do spending caps work?

If you're waiting on your monthly allowances to refresh, or want to make a call to a number not covered by your inclusive minutes, you can choose exactly how much extra you'd like to spend outside of your plan. So you can call your mum in Majorca, with peace of mind you won’t overspend.

To get started, simply register or sign in online at virginmobile.co.uk/youraccount or download our free Virgin Mobile Your Account app. You can set up a spending cap whenever you take out a new contract too, and it'll start working straight away.

When you reach your spending cap, you won't be able to use your services outside of your allowances. And we'll text so you know when you're getting close.

If you decide to tweak your spending cap, just bear in mind that changes might only take effect from when your allowance next refreshes.


What else should I know?

When you hit your cap, you won't be able to use any chargeable out-of-plan services until your allowances refresh, or until you increase your cap which you can do instantly. And don't worry, if you decide to change your cap at any point we'll confirm the change by text. To see our full spending caps policy, just head here.


Move up and down on all our new Pay Monthly phones, devices and SIMs


Want more? A bit less? Every month, change your 4G plan up or down as you need.

  • We give you the freedom to change your plan each month
  • Move up to enjoy more minutes and data
  • Move down to reduce your monthly cost
  • Available on all Pay Monthly phones and SIMs


Life doesn’t stay the same – so why should your mobile plan?

From new friends and marriage to a fresh baby carriage – we know that life, and your mobile usage rarely stays the same. That’s why we let you move between our Pay Monthly plans, so you can change your minutes, data, and spend to match the change in your life.

And when you’re free to move up and down plans you’ll never have to worry about picking the right one upfront. If your plan isn’t working for you, just change it up or switch it down.



It’s not all about our flexible plans – you’re also joining our great 4G mobile network

99% 4G population coverage

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Faster 4G on average than O2, Vodafone and Three

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Spending Caps – a safety buffer for your plan

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Data Rollover: keep unused data

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Flexible plans – change your 4G plan up or down every month

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Why would I add a spending cap to my plan?
Our new spending caps help you take control of how much extra you can spend outside of your mobile plan’s allowance, so there’ll be no nasty surprises lurking in your next bill. Call it a little safety net, for extra peace of mind.
A safety buffer for my monthly spend sounds great, am I eligible?
Spending caps are available to all new and re-contracting pay monthly customers on or after the 24 September 2018. Call us on 0800 052 9427 or chat with an agent, to find out if you’re eligible for an upgrade.
What do spending caps cover?
Spending caps stop you from being charged for usage beyond a limit specified by you, each month. Charges covered by the cap can include going out of your monthly allowances, calling or texting premium numbers or roaming outside of the EU. For more detail on what is and isn’t covered, visit our Legal Stuff webpage.
What's the right spending cap for me?
Whether its £5, £10 or £50, your safety buffer should cover all additional costs outside of your monthly allowance that you feel comfortable with. This should cover calling or texting premium or international numbers or roaming outside of the EU. It’s entirely up to you.
I've just taken out a new pay monthly contract and added a spending cap. When will this be active?
If you set a spending cap at the point of sale it will be active with immediate effect, and will continue to limit how much you can be charged out of your allowances until such a time as you change or remove it.
What happens when I get my bill, will my spending cap reset?
Yep, that’s right. Each month anything you have spent against your cap will reset, along with your monthly allowances.
I didn't add a spending cap when I took out my contract. Can I add one now?
If you have joined or re-contracted on or after the 1st October 2018 then you will be able to add a cap at any time. Note that if you are removing, or increasing your spending cap this will take effect immediately. If you are decreasing, or adding a spending cap to a contract, this will take effect when your allowances refresh the next month.
Where can I manage my cap settings?
The best way to view and manage your cap is via the Virgin Mobile app, which you can download from here on Apple or here on Android. Alternatively you can log in online to My Account by clicking here.
How will I know if I have used up my safety buffer?
You can always view how close you are to your spending cap in the Virgin Mobile App, available here on Apple or here on Android. Additionally, we will send you a text letting you know when you are within 80% of your safety buffer, and again when there is none left.
I've used up all of my safety buffer, and hit my spending cap. What can I do?

If you’ve reached your spending cap and used all of your safety buffer you will still be able to use any allowances you have left, and receive calls and texts like normal. ut if you don’t have any allowances left, you can increase your cap at any time using the Virgin Mobile App.

Additionally, if you are out of data allowance you can purchase a data bolt-on at any time.

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