Staying connected with Virgin Mobile

It’s not all about our great value deals and flexible plans. We keep you connected at home, at work, and on holiday with *Superfast 4G and free WiFi. Just more reasons why you’ll love being a part of Virgin Mobile.


Our 4G is faster on average than Vodafone, Three and O2

  • Virgin Mobile gives you superfast 4G speeds of up to 70Mbps
  • Our 4G covers 99% of the population
  • Browse, stream, chat and stay connected in more places

Virgin Mobile: Faster 4G than Vodafone, Three and O2


99% 4G population coverage

With Virgin Mobile you get 99% 4G population coverage, along with our amazing deals and service.

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Why you’ll love our 4G speeds


Our Superfast 4G speeds turn your phone into a pocket rocket

Whether you’re browsing, streaming, gaming, chatting or simply finding your way to the pub, life’s speedier with 4G on Virgin Mobile.

We’ve also recently boosted our maximum network speeds to a blazingly fast 70Mbps.


With our Superfast 4G speeds, you could...

Stream audio services like Spotify

Stream video services like YouTube

Download 1GB files in less than 5 minutes

Download apps like WhatsApp in less than 20 seconds

The maximum speed available through the network is now capped at 70 Mbps, previously 50Mbps. The speeds you get on your phone will be lower, and depend on things like the number of users on the network, your distance from the mast and the type/limitations of 4G phone you have. Downloads: Times based on average download speed Sept & Oct (32 Mbps).



You won’t just love our speed –
our flexible 4G Pay Monthly plans come with features you’ll adore


Data Rollover: keep unused data

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Change your 4G plan up or down every month

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Data-free messaging on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Twitter

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F-Secure SAFE internet security free for 12 months

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Add great value phone insurance

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Enjoy 4G as standard on all our new flexible Pay Monthly plans

Already on Virgin Mobile?
Upgrade or switch to 4G

Put some extra oomph in your phone by upgrading or switching to a flexible 4G Pay Monthly plan. If you’re already enjoying Virgin Mobile you can likely move to 4G today. Log into your account, change your plan to 4G, and if 4G is available to you we’ll send you a new 4G-ready SIM for your smartphone or device.

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Got questions about our Superfast 4G? We’ve got the answers

Will I use more data on 4G?
Happily enough, 4G doesn’t use any more data than 3G. You might get through your data more quickly than usual however, as on 4G pages load in a flash and you’ll be able to do far more things in a given time period than you would on 3G.
What download speed can I expect?
With Virgin Mobile 4G, we have maximum download speeds of up to 70Mbps – that’s fast enough to keep you enjoying all the online features you love.
What coverage will I get?
We use the EE network so you get 99% coverage in the UK, along with our amazing deals and service. Want to check coverage near you?
Can I get 4G on a SIM Only plan?
Yes, you can! You can enjoy 4G on any Freestyle Contract or Pay Monthly SIM Only plan.
Can I move to 4G if I only signed up recently to a 3G contract?
Certainly! If you’re on a Freestyle Contract or SIM Only plan, simply register or log into your account and upgrade to a flexible 4G Pay Monthly plan.
Can I move to 4G if I'm on a standard 24 month contract?
It depends on where you are in your contract. If you’re near the end of your 24 month term, you may be able to move to 4G and enjoy the enhanced speed. Simply register or log into Your Account to find out.
I’m an existing Virgin Mobile customer. Can I get 4G?
Certainly! If you’re on a Freestyle Contract or SIM Only plan, simply register or log into your account and upgrade or change to a flexible 4G Pay Monthly plan.
Can I get 4G on Pay As You Go?
Unfortunately, 4G is not available on Pay As You Go, only Pay Monthly.
If you're sending me a new SIM when I upgrade, will I be without mobile service?
Don’t worry; you won't be without a mobile service. All you need to do is put your SIM in your new phone and the switch to 4G will happen almost immediately. It’s practically magic!
My phone isn't 4G-ready, will your services still work with it?
If you have a 4G SIM and plan but you're using a non-4G mobile, you'll have access to the same allowances but you'll stay on our 3G speeds.
When I purchase 4G, will I need a new SIM?
We’ll send you a brand new 4G SIM in the post following your order. All you need to do is pop your new SIM into your phone and the switch to 4G will happen almost immediately.
Can I get WiFi calling?
Unfortunately, we don't currently offer WiFi calling, but you can use other services such as calling over WhatsApp on Android, or FaceTime if you've got an iPhone.
Is there throttling on 4G plans?
Customers on 4G plans are not subjected to any traffic management policies.
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