Staying connected with Virgin Mobile

It’s not all about our great value deals and flexible plans. We keep you connected at home, at work, and on holiday with *Superfast 4G and free WiFi. Just more reasons why you’ll love being a part of Virgin Mobile.


Keeping your number is a
breeze with Virgin Mobile

  • We make it easy to keep your mobile number
  • Switching usually takes just one working day
  • Join us from any UK network – it’s quick and easy


Keeping your number is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Join Virgin Mobile and we’ll do most of the switching legwork for you, so you can lie back, grab a cool drink, and dream about your new Virgin Mobile phone and plan. Just take these three simple steps to switch and transfer your number to your new phone.

1. Order a new phone or SIM Only plan from us and we’ll give you a temporary number

Browse our shop for a shiny new phone or SIM Only contract. See one that takes your fancy? Simply purchase it and your new phone or SIM (or both) will be with you in no time, with a temporary number to keep you ticking over.


2. Say bye-bye to your old provider and request your PAC code

It’s time to say adios to your old provider. Give them a call and tell them you’d like to cancel your contract.

Ask your provider for your PAC code. We need this to transfer your number. If your phone is locked to their network you also need to ask for your unlock code. You may have to pay a small fee for this.

Don’t forget: if you’re still under contract your old provider may charge you a termination fee - you will need to get in touch with your current provider to confirm any fee.


3. Give us a call, tell us your PAC code, and we’ll do the rest

Simply text us for free on 07533 016 422 * with your PAC code and the mobile number you’d like to keep during our opening times 8am-9pm Monday to Friday, 8am-8pm Saturday, 8am-6pm Sunday. We’ll fix a date with your old provider and let you know when it will be transferred (it usually takes one day to move the number over once the date is fixed). Alternatively, call us on 0345 6000 789 * (or 789 free from your Virgin Mobile phone). Lines open 8am-9pm Monday to Friday. Unfortunately we can’t switch numbers over the weekend or bank holidays.

* Note the text is only free for Virgin Mobile customers.


Eureka! Your number has been transferred

Now your friends and family can contact you on your old number once again.


Switch to one of our excellent Pay Monthly or Pay As You Go plans


Take the sweat out of switching with our top tips

Use up your credit

Switching from Pay As You Go? Don’t forget to use your remaining credit before you switch to us, otherwise you’ll lose it!

New phone? Back up your contacts

Transfer your contacts to your new phone before you bin your old SIM. You may be able to copy your contacts to your new phone’s internal memory by popping your old SIM into your new phone.

Set up voicemail

Give us a call on 222 from your new mobile to set up your voicemail service. You have to do this before transferring your number.

Make a note of when we’ll transfer your number

Once you’ve given us a call with your PAC code and the number you’d like to keep, we’ll tell you when we can make it happen. Jot this date down so you don’t forget.

Switching your number to Virgin should take no longer than one working day if you call before 6pm. Your number should transfer before midnight on your given date.

When will my number be switched over?

Day of request

Switching day if request was made before 18:00

Day number transferred if request after 18:00






















Keep your phone on throughout your number transfer day

Your phone has to be switched on for us to transfer your number. If it’s turned off, the process will be delayed.

And make sure you’re not abroad on the day we transfer your number, because we can’t switch your number while your phone is on holiday!

Hopefully everything goes smoothly, but if we’re unable to transfer your number on the day we’ve told you, you may be entitled to compensation if the transfer is delayed longer than one working day.

If the transfer is delayed beyond one working day you can give us a ring on 0345 6000 789* (or 789 free from your Virgin Mobile phone) so we can kick off the process for you.

In order to be entitled to compensation, there’s some criteria you’ll need to meet:

• You’ll have to tell us within 30 days of the successful port
• You’ll have to be porting your number to Virgin Mobile from another provider
• You’re not at fault for the delay in the port
• Your current provider hasn’t unduly delayed the port

If this is all okay, here’s what we’ll do:

• You’ll receive payment in the form of a one-off credit
• We’ll aim to pay successful claims within two working days
• The compensation will depend on the type of tariff you’re on:

• Pay monthly? You will receive a credit on your next bill. We’ll work out the amount by taking your monthly airtime, divided by the number of days in month, multiplied by the number of days porting is delayed. (Minimum credit of £3)

• Pay as you go? You’ll receive a £3 credit to your account

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