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For detailed pricing information for all call charges and tariff tables, refer to our handy Pay Monthly Tariff Guide

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Below are our current call charges for within the UK. These charges will kick in if you use all your airtime before the month is over, or if you call numbers that aren’t included in your Pay Monthly, BlackBerry® or SIMO.

For customers that signed up to our Pay Monthly tariff prior to 21st July 2010 and have not migrated or changed tariff since, please click here for details of your call charges.

Other charges:

Roaming Call Charges

UK Call Costs

Calls to landlines 1, Virgin Mobiles2, Other network mobiles

58p per minute

Text to all UK network mobiles3

15p per text

Data within the UK

£3 for each 1GB of data you use that day5

Picture messages to all UK Networks

50p 4per message

Access charge

58p per minute access charge for calls to service numbers that begin 084/087/09/118. Find out more

Personal numbers (beginning with 070)

75p per minute

Voicemail retrieval

Included within your minutes allowance and free thereafter

Minimum call charge

A one minute minimum call duration applies

1Refers to numbers beginning with 01,02 or 03 and landline calls to Guernsey, Jersey and Isle of Man.
2Calls & texts to mobiles in Guernsey, Jersey & Isle of Man are not covered by your inclusive monthly usage allowance.
3Many phones can send texts up to three times as long as normal. They’ll be delivered as separate messages, so you’ll be charged for each. Call forwarding services (which can include numbers starting with 07744 and 07755) are not included. Excludes calls and texts to Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man mobiles. Currently excludes calls to Satellite Phones (Truphone, Mundio, HAY Systems, TG Support and Cable & Wireless).
4The cost of sending an MMS is 50p, but if your handset settings are incorrect you may incur the daily rate for data (£3 per day per GB) if you do not have a data allowance. For more information on phone settings please click here
5We’re aware some mobile devices might use a tiny amount of mobile data even when they are connected to WiFi. The good news is, to help you from getting unintentionally charged, we’ve added a ‘data buffer’ so your first 100KB of usage whilst out of bundle will not be chargeable. The daily £3 per 1GB charge will only apply for data usage in excess of 100KB. It’s always a good idea when you have used up all your allowance, to disable all mobile data (even if you are connected to WiFi) just to be sure though.

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